The Board of Directors

The San Francisco Community College District Bookstore Auxiliary is governed by a Baord of Directors.  The make up of the board is stated in the by-laws.

1.  The Director of Administrative Services shall serve as the President of the Board.  In the event that position is vacant the role of president will be assumed by the Vice-Chancellor of Finance and administration.

2.  The Chief Financial Officer of the District (Associate Vice- Chancellor of Finance) shall serve on the board as Treasurer.

3.  The Executive Director of the Auxiliary is a voting member of the board.

4.  The Chancellor may serve on the board or may appoint an administrator as a director

5.  A student from the Ocean Campus, nominated by the Associated Students, approved by the Chancelkor

6.  A student from a CCSF Center, nominated by the AS Executive Council and approved by the Chancellor

7.  A member of the Faculty, nominated by the Academic Senate and approved by the Chancellor.

The first four positions are "ex-officio" and have no term limit.  The two student positions and the faculty position are for a one year term and a director may be reappointed to serve one additional year.

Current Directors

1. Ron Gerhard, President

2. John Bilmont, Treasurer

3. Don Newton (

4. Chancellor Appointment TBA

5. Oscar Pena

6. Teresa Villicana

7. Wendy Owens