The Board of Directors

The San Francisco Community College District Bookstore Auxiliary is governed by a Baord of Directors.  The make up of the board is stated in the by-laws.

1.  The Vice-Chancellor of Finance and Administration shall serve as the President of the Board. 

2.  The Chief Financial Officer of the District (Associate Vice- Chancellor of Finance) shall serve on the board as Treasurer.

3.  The Executive Director of the Auxiliary shall serve as Secretary.

4.  The Chancellor may serve on the board or may appoint an administrator as a director

5.  A student from the Ocean Campus, nominated by the Associated Students, approved by the Chancelkor

6.  A student from a CCSF Center, nominated by the AS Executive Council and approved by the Chancellor

7.  A member of the Faculty, nominated by the Academic Senate and approved by the Chancellor.

The first four positions are "ex-officio" and have no term limit.  The two student positions and the faculty position are for a one year term and a director may be reappointed to serve one additional year.

Current Directors

1. Mark Zacovic, President

2. David Martin, Treasurer

3. Don Newton, Secretary & Executive Director (

4. TBD, Chancellor's Appointment

5. Slava Ustinov, President Associated Students, Ocean Campus

6. TBD, Representing the Centers

7. TBD, Faculty Representative