Budgets, Contracts, & By-Laws

City College of San Francisco, through the Bookstore Auxiliary, operates the college's bookstores under an agreement with the Follett Higher Education Group (FHEG).  Below is a link to that agreement.

Bookstore Agreement with FHEG


The San Francisco Community College District Bookstore Auxiliary operates all the distrcit bookstores.  It does so under the authority granted to it by the District in 1995.  There are two documents relevant to that authority.

1. The Master Agreement which set up the Auxiliary and permits it to operate

2. The set of By-Laws which describe how the Auxiliary operates, including the make up of the board of directors.


These items will be added summer 2014:

  1. Current Fiscal Year Budgets

  2. Post Retirement Benefits Obligation Report (OPEB)