Here's what the WADP Students have to say:

The first group of students were surveyed to learn why the Working Adults Degree Program works for them. Explore the pictures to see their observations.


Barbara Crenshaw

"I'm a mother of two and a grandmother of two. When I decided to go back to school, I picked Southeast because it's compact, personal and has easy access -- I'm disabled with arthritis. The program is set up around my everyday needs...classes are set up for me and the teachers are picked to meet my needs. I can also get a teacher if I need one."


Vincent Jones

"Being one of the first students in the program, I feel a certain prestige in being a participant. The WADP has allowed me to work during the day and go to school at night, which is not an easy task and I have been able to finish more classes on an accelerated basis. With the help of the program, I will be able to reach my goal of graduating with an AA Degree in Computer Science."


Francie Southern

"For some time I have wanted to return to school to obtain my Liberal Arts Degree. The Working Adults Degree Program has been carefully designed to make use of every course to its maximum to meet the requirements. Now I'll have my degree within two and a half years and still be able to work full time without spending too much time away from home."


Sergio Valdez

"I like my job as a Production Coordinator. Someday I want to teach in the Graphic Arts Department, but before I do, I have to get a formal education. WADP is the answer. I can continue to work, and at the same time prepare for my future occupation: teacher."