Frequently Asked Questions

What do I do if I have a hold on my account?

Any academic HOLDS that prevent enrollment must be cleared prior to registration. The registration system does not allow:

  • Time conflicts
  • Multiple registration in the same course
  • Enrolling in a course without fulfilling the prerequisite
  • Multiple unauthorized repeats
  • Any library/ department/program specific holds.

Exceeding the maximum number of units (seventeen (17) semester units each Fall and Spring School Terms and seven (7) semester units during the Summer Session. Approval to take more than 17 semester units is given to those who are  candidates for graduation, or have completed their last full semester of work at the College with an average grade of B (3.00 grade-point average) or higher.

NOTE: Enrollment maximums are strictly enforced by our computer systems. Therefore, students who have received permission from their counselor to enroll in over the maximum units authorized by College policy must process those units in-person at the Registration Center, Smith Hall, Room 118.

I’m from another country, how do I get my degree evaluated?

 If you are interested in applying units earned at an international college/university towards a certificate or AA/AS degree please contact CCSF Graduation / Evaluation Department in Conlan Hall Room E-107. Tel: (415) 239 - 3840


What do I do if I have a transcript from another college?

If you are transferring from another college you will need to submit a sealed (official) transcript and an ‘Evaluation of Transcript Form’ for a CCSF AA/AS Degree’ to the A & R Office.

Evaluation takes approximately 16+ weeks and you must be currently enrolled in courses or have completed courses at CCSF. Follow up and make sure that A&E  has received your transcripts.  If you have an unofficial copy of your transcript bring it with you to your counseling appointment.


I dropped out last semester. How does that impact my status?

You are okay as long as you take at least one class per academic year. For example:

Fall 2011 and Spring 2012 semester is one academic year. If you did not take classes at CCSF for one year or more, you need to reapply. Also contact the WADP counselor.

To reapply click on:



How do I get Financial Aid?

If you would like to apply for Financial Aid, go to and click on “Student Services & Financial Aid” and complete the online application.


Are there scholarships available?

Contact the  Scholarship Office
City College of San Francisco
50 Phelan Avenue Multi Use Building 130B
San Francisco, CA 94112
(415) 239-3339 phone (415) 239-3686 FAX

Can I repeat a class?

Yes. You have to petition for a course repetition.

  1. Go to class on the first day of instruction
  2. Get an add code/sticker from the instructor and place it on the Add/Drop Form
  3. Print your transcript; highlight the course(s) that you wish to repeat
  4. Take the Add/Drop Form and transcript to the Dean of Student Affairs in Conlan Hall 106.
  5. Get Petition for Course Repetition from the Dean of Student Affairs in Conlan Hall 106
  6. Take Petition for Course Repetition to the Department Chairperson for signature
  7. Take signed Petition for Course Repetition to Dean of Student Affairs in Conlan Hall 106

How much do I pay for my classes?

Please check the below website for accurate fee information.