Math Bridge Program

Bridge staff and students

Math Bridge is a one-year-long program beginning each fall semester whose purpose is to assist students in the successful completion of Preparation for Statistics (Math 45) and Probability and Statistics (Math 80). The program focuses on African American, Latino/a, Filipino/a and Native American students, however all students are welcome to apply.

Math Bridge is not a remedial program. The goal of the program is to provide assistance in the completion of transfer-level mathematics at City College in order to increase the number of underrepresented students who transfer to baccalaureate colleges and universities.

The assistance in Math Bridge consists of tutoring, a dedicated instructor, and a community of learners that support each other while taking the mathematics courses.

Interested students must attend an orientation and submit an application during the spring semester in order to enter the program in the following fall semester. Contact the Math Bridge coordinator at for more information regarding admission to the program.

Which courses are included in Math Bridge?

Bridge students

First semester (Fall only):

  • Math 45: Preparation for Statistics (5 units)

Second semester (Spring only):

  • Math 80 Probability and Statistics (4 units)

The Math Bridge sections of Math 45 and of Math 80 follow the same course outline as other sections of these courses.

How is Math Bridge different from other math courses?

Bridge students

  • Community: One special aspect of this program is that the students stay together for two semesters. Students get to know their classmates very well. Students help each other intellectually and emotionally. They create study groups and are encouraged to get together outside of class hours.

  • Class Participation: Students are expected to actively engage in the learning process, both in and outside of class. This involves asking questions and working with classmates.

  • Dedicated tutors: Math Bridge has tutors who work with the students in the program. The tutors are available for drop-in tutoring, for working with study groups or for individual tutoring.

How do I join the program?

  • Prerequisites: Math 45 prerequisites are required.

  • Apply in Spring, start in Fall: Students complete the following application process during the spring semester in order to enter the program in the following fall semester.

  • Orientation: Interested students should attend an orientation session, usually held in April and early May. At the orientation you will meet the Math Bridge instructor and discuss the requirements and expectations of the program.

  • Application form and interview: After attending an orientation session, students who wish to apply will submit an application form, and will schedule an individual meeting with the Math Bridge instructor. This meeting is an opportunity for students and the instructor to get to know each other, and to confirm the expectations of the program.  Applicants are accepted on a first-come-first-served basis. The program accepts about 40 students per year.


How can I get more information?

Contact the Math Bridge coordinator via email: