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U of British Columbia (Mar 19, 2020) Piece of lost continent discovered beneath Canada

Live Science (Mar 16, 2020) Explosives from 1930s found in lava field (Dec 22, 2019) Magnetic North Pole Drifts Across Prime Meridian

The Conversation (Dec 9, 2019) Why Killer Volcano Erupted Without Warning

CNN (Dec 6, 2019) 75 Foot Wave Recorded Off Calif Coast

Atlanic (Nov 25, 2019) Blue Whale Heart Beats at Extremes

CNN (Sep 23, 2019) Lost continent found under Europe

Earth Magazine (Sept, 2019) Virtual Reality in Geoscience Education

National Geographic (Sept, 2019) Seismic Wave Mystery Resolved in Oklahoma

Stanford Magazine (Aug 28, 2019) Huge die-off in ancient biosphere

NASA Earth Observatory (Aug. 19, 2019) Raft of Pumice found near Tonga

National Geographic (Jul 23, 2019)  Magma speed record set by Icelandic volcano

National Geographic (Mar 31, 2019) Fossils that may capture the day the asteroid hit (Mar 19, 2019) Remembering Luna Leopold River Morphology Research Pioneer

New Yorker Magazine (Apr 8, 2019) The Day the Dinosaurs Died

News Flash One (Feb 26, 2019) Earth scientists plan to meld massive databases into a ‘Geological Google

Nature (Jan 09,2019) Earth’s magnetic field is moving unpredicably

Stanford Earth (Dec 12, 2018) Why deep oceans gave life to first complex organisms

BBC News (Dec 11, 2018) NASA's IceSat space laser makes detailed elevation maps of Earth (Dec 11, 2018) Penguin poop provides record of Antarcic glaciation

Stanford Earth (Dec 7, 2018)  New study shows Permian "Great Dying" caused by ocean warming that left ocean animals unable to breathe

Sonoma Index-Tribune (Nov 19, 2018) Sonoma house ground zero for air quality (Nov 16, 2018) Black Carbon Not the Primary Cause of Historic Alpine Glacial Retreat

National Geographic (Nov 15, 2018) City-size impact crater found under Greenland ice

Reuters (Nov 13, 2018) Ocean changes creating marine refugees

TheScientist (Nov 7, 2018) Scientists Win First-Time Runs for Congress

CNN (Sep 3, 2018) How diamonds are mined from the Atlantic seabed

OceanNavigator (Aug 31, 2018) New Equal Earth map projection improves relative size depiction

SF Gate (Aug 13, 2018) 240 Cubic Miles of Magma Under Dormant California Volcano

LiveScience (June 21, 2018) Antactica is Getting Taller

UC (June 19, 2018) Sea Stars that Survived Pandemic are Showing Genetic Changes

Science Daily (June 15, 2018) Volcano Music Could Help Scientists Monitor Eruptions

USGS (May 4, 2018) Update on Kilauea, Hawaii Eruption

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Regular news feeds/stories:

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