GIS Certificate

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The CCSF Credit GIS program is jointly offered by the Earth Sciences Department (through the Geography program) and the Engineering Department.

Program Description

Students will develop in-depth knowledge of the fundamental concepts and practice of Geographic Information Systems (GIS) and learn hands-on problem-solving skills doing real-world GIS application projects. Students will be able to apply this knowledge and hands-on skills to various fields including, but not limited to, planning, engineering, geography, criminology, real estate, biotech, public utilities, transportation, forestry, ecology, resource management, emergency response, business/marketing.

Learning Outcomes

Upon completion of this certificate, students will be able:

  • Apply GIS technology to evaluate real-world problems, and communicate the GIS project process and results in written and graphic medias at a professional level.
  • Locate, assess, and retrieve spatial data and knowledge across the GIS technical community to apply to GIS projects.
  • Draw upon the underlying theory behind GIS technology (including projections and spatial databases) to optimize application of the technology and extend it into new areas.

Certificate of Accomplishment
in Geographic Information Systems (GIS)

Required Courses (Units)

  • GEOG/GIS 110 Introduction to GIS (3)
  • GEOG/GIS 111 GIS Analysis and Modeling (3)
  • GEOG/GIS 112 GIS Software Technology (3)

Total Units: 9