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Science Building at Ocean Campus
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The chemistry department of the  City College  of  San Francisco provides instruction in a wide range of chemistry-related fields. We serve students who intend to major in such diverse fields as biochemistry and biotechnology, engineering, medicine and health sciences, biology, and physics. We also offer specialized courses for working professionals, and courses designed specifically for non-science majors.


The recipients of the following three scholarships are determined by the chair of the chemistry department in consultation with the instructors of the courses. No application is necessary: the chemistry department will contact the winners of these awards. The list of previous winners is located HERE.

  • Thomas M. Hynes: approx. $125

Hynes Award: given every semester to the top student or students who completed Chem 101A/101B (General College Chemistry) in the previous semester

  • Manfred O. Naumann: approx. $150

Naumann Award: given every spring to the top student or students who completed Chem 212A/212B (Organic Chemistry) during the in the current academic year.

  • Clement Skrabak: Free Chem 101A textbook

Skrabak Award: given to the top student or students who completed Chem 40 (Introduction to Chemical Principles) in the previous semester.

For more detailed information on the scholarships listed here, as well as on the many other scholarships available to City College students, consult the Scholarship Office, room 336 Batmale Hall, 239-3339. (Please note that scholarhip amounts are subject to change without notice: the dollar amounts quoted here are approximate. Also, not all scholarships are given every semester.)

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