Courses with Prerequisites in the Biological Sciences Department at City College of San Francisco

•    Biology 100A  (prerequisite Chem 101A)

•    Biology 100B  (prerequisite Bio 100A)

•    Microbiology 12  (prerequisite Chem 32 or Chem 101A)

•    Physiology 1 and Physiology 12 (prerequisite Chem 32 or Chem 101A)

(note: high school chemistry and Chem 40 are not accepted as prerequisites)

Process for challenging a prerequisite If you have taken a comparable chemistry or prerequisite course at another accredited College or University please follow the process below:

A student who wishes to challenge a prerequisite should file a “ petition to challenge a prerequisite” form as early as possible prior to the first day of class, but no later than the end of the add/drop period. The student shall bear the initial burden of showing that grounds exist for the challenge. The form should include the name of the target course, name of student and student ID and a call back telephone number.  The form is available online at:

Required supporting documentation

The above form, along with following materials should be submitted to the Department Chairperson (Dr. Joe Reyes) in person to Science 304 or by FAX:  415-239-3765.  The department secretary (Ms. Long) is available between 9 am and 2 pm to accept paperwork. The Department Chair is unavailable between semesters.  In his absence please contact the Dean of Science and Math  (David Yee in Science 150 at 415-239-3665)

•    Unofficial copy of transcripts bearing your name

•    (International transcripts must first be assessed by an approved US agency)

•    Copy of course content description from College Catalog or syllabus

Turnaround time

If your petition and materials are complete and are approved by the Department Chair you will be notified by phone within 48 hours. Please be patient as we get many requests Approved petitions will be called in or taken in person by the student to the Office of Matriculation in Conlan Hall 204 in order to remove a block to registration. Please do not call us.  We will call you!!