Visual Media Design

© 2014 VMD Dept. Photos by Julia Sperling & Anthony Mancini, VMD Students

The Visual Media Design Evolution Continues

Welcome! The Visual Media Design department offer courses in graphic design, digital media production skills for web and print, digital illustration, animation and gaming. We are a Career and Technical Education (CTE) program and work with students ranging from first-time Mac users to seasoned professionals looking to pick up specific skills. As a department, we value creative thinking, collaboration, and social responsibility which we weave through our courses at all levels.

We are moving forward in our process of consolidating Graphic Communications and Multimedia Studies classes and curriculum. As of Fall 2014, all class prefixes and numbers will have changed as will many class titles. All class prefixes will be VMD and classes will be clustered by subject area. To make this transition easier for you, we created a conversion chart you can access below. We will also include the old class prefix and number after the new one to further help with this transition. If at any time you need assistance in choosing classes or understanding our certificates, please email us. We are here to help.

For a printable PDF of our Spring 2015 department schedule, click on the link below. This PDF contains information about our degrees and certificates as well as Spring 2015 class offerings. 

Programs of Study

Graphic Design

We offer both an Associate of Arts in Graphic Design and a Graphic Design Emphasis certificate program. Our AA degree prepares students for further study at a 4-year institution. The certificate series works well for students who have a degree already and want to work as a visual designer for web and/or print. Professionals with strong technical skills but lack design skills would also follow the certificate path. For more detailed information, visit Degrees and Certificates.

Visual Media Production

Students who are interested in some visual design training but want to emphasize technical skills for web and/or print production would follow this certificate path. Students can tailor their program of study through electives to concentrate on specific areas of technical expertise. For more detailed information, visit Degrees and Certificates.

Web Front-End Production

Emphasizing current technical processes and techniques in web front-end production, this certificate path prepares students for entry-level work in web development. For more detailed information, visit Degrees and Certificates.

Digital Illustration

Combing study of both traditional illustration and art with digital tools and techniques, this certificate program prepares students to work as freelance or on-staff illustrators for both screen and print. For more detailed information, visit Degrees and Certificates.

Digital Animation

This course of study provides students with a foundation for entry-level positions in digital animation and gaming by combining the study of animation and art with the tools and techniques of digital animation. For more detailed information, visit Degrees and Certificates.

Game Development

The program combines the study of art, graphics, animation, and production tools and techniques for game design and development. This certificate prepares students for entry-level positions in game design and development. For more detailed information, visit Degrees and Certificates.

Book Arts and Letterpress Printing

We offer a selection of courses in letterpress printing, book arts, and other specialty courses. Please see Course Descriptions for more information on these courses.