Communication Studies AA-T Degree

Degree Deadlines

The deadlines to petition for AA-T and AS-T degrees are in mid-september (fall semester) and mid-February (spring semester).

**Note that the deadlines for the AA-T degrees is EARLIER than regular AA degrees! 

Click here to view deadlines for the upcoming semester or call the Transfer Center (415-239-3748).


Associate of Arts Degree for Transfer in Communication Studies

Communication Studies majors learn the theory and principles behind the communication process and acquire skills needed to effectively communicate with others-both within and across cultural boundaries-in a variety of public, professional, and interpersonal settings. Students learn how to analyze audiences and craft messages that work well within these contexts as well as develop organizational, critical thinking, research, and listening skills. Students completing this major typically transfer into a broad array of communication studies majors.

Learning Outcomes
Upon completion of this degree, students will be able to:

  • Articulate an understanding of the way humans manage and contextualize symbolic behavior and how communication practices shape realities and develop civic, social and environmental awareness.
  • Identify and use culturally competent communication practices and effectively communicate diverse cultural understandings.
  • Manage speaking anxiety to furnish confident and effective verbal presentations with presentation aids.
  • Apply advanced critical thinking skills to structure diverse, logical, credible, and well researched arguments that address complex problems.
  • Critique the communication practices of others in order to develop critical listening skills that further the constructive exchange of ideas.

Students who wish to earn the Associate in Arts in Communication Studies for Transfer (AA-T) must complete 60 CSU transferable units with at least a 2.0 grade point average. This must include the units required for full completion of the IGETC or CSU GE curriculum and the 18 units for the major as specified below. Each course in the major must be completed with a grade of ‘‘C’’ or better. Courses used to meet the major requirement may also be used to meet IGETC or CSU GE requirements. Read more about the AA-T Degree (that guarantees you acceptance to SFSU or CSU East Bay) by clicking here.

Communication Studies AA-T MAJOR COURSES (18 units total)

Required Courses (9 units)


Elements of Public Speaking      

3 units


Intercultural Communication

3 units


Interpersonal Communication

3 units

Choose 1 of the following courses (3 units)


Argumentation and Debate

3 units

CMST 4   

Small Group Communication     

3 units

Choose 1 of the following courses (3 units)


Oral Interpretation of Literature 

3 units

CMST 38 

Intercollegiate Forensics

3 units

Choose 1 of the following courses (3 units)

CMST 2                   

Introduction to Rhetorical Criticism

3 units             


Reading, Writing, and Critical Thinking about Literature

3 units


Advanced Compostition

3 units

* Note that in addition to the major courses listed above, students must also satisfy general education (CSU GE or IGETC) requirements. 18 Major units + 39 G.E. units + 3 Elective units = 60 units total are required to earn the degree. See Associate Degree Graduation Requirements for more information.

** Note that prior to Fall 2017, the course prefix was SPCH.