CCSF Speech and Debate Team

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CCSF Forensics Team Picture taken after the biannual Speech Slam Showcase
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Prospective Students

Left to right - Monique Savage, Sergio Suhett, and Kyle Johnson

The CCSF Forensics (Speech and Debate) Program is a nationally ranked team that participates in intercollegiate tournaments locally, statewide and nationally. Students compete in oral interpretation, debate, and oratorical events.

Through class activities, practice and competition, students gain experience and confidence as researchers, thinkers, and communicators.  Oprah Winfrey, Sonya Sotomayor, Barak Obama, James Earl Jones, Nelson Mandella, and many other famous, influential people competed in and reaped the benefits of forensic activities.

Develop your skills as an actor, debator, or public speaker by joining the CCSF Forensics team this semester!  There are two courses you may enroll in to join the team. SPCH 37 (Intracollegiate Forensics Competition) requires students to participate in local and on-campus events, whereas SPCH 38 (Intercollegiate Forensics Competition) requires students to travel with the team to weekend tournaments.

Jessica and Mwinyi between rounds at the Mustang Invitational

Students Testimonials:

"I feel honored to have participated in such an amazing event. I met a lot of wonderful people and had the opportunity to learn a lot from other performers. The overall experience is far more valuable than any medals could ever be."          ~ Sergio Suhett, 2011

"An incredible experience started in January of 2010.  A little gay mormon piece would eventually lead me to a fallen apostle and a Gold Medal at PRP - who would have thunk it!?  Thank you for believing in me, giving me the opportunity to compete, and your time and energy in preparing for the trips."          ~ Kyle Johnson, 2011

Interested in attending the Speech & Debate Team's end of the semester showcase performance? See the dates for "Speech Slam" by clicking here.

Want to view the awards the CCSF Speech & Debate Team has won over the years? Click here.

Have questions or want to learn more about the team? Contact us.


Current Students

View the Tournament and Events Calendar - Click here for dates and details concerning the tournaments we plan to attend and the events we are sponsoring.

Read the Forensics Handbook - Use handbook to learn more about the events you're interested in competing in. You will find tips on finding and cutting literature and evidence, structuring speeches and cases, developing characterization and effective nonverbal commuication, and much, much more.

Visit the CCSF Speech & Debate Google Group - Sign up for this Google group to communicate with your teammates, receieve reminders about upcoming events, and get updates about past tournaments.

Information on transferring to 4-year schools with forensics programs - If you plan on transferring and continuing to compete in forensics, you might benefit from contacting the coaches about any interests or concerns you may have.

Forensics Organizations - Phi Rho PiCross Examination Debate Association (CEDA), National Paliamentary Debate Association (NPDA), National Forensics Association (NFA), American Forensics Association, Interstate Oratorical Association

Kameron wins 3rd place in Open Programed Oral Interpretation at the Paul Winters Tournament.
Jaboc, Ronnie, and Evan relax in the grass at University of the Pacific's Paul Winters Tournament before breaking to the Octafinal round of Parliamentary Debate.
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