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CCSF Forensics Team Picture taken after the biannual Speech Slam Showcase

Prospective Students

Front Page of Examiner, Sunday April 15th, 2015 with the headline "Speaking from experience... CCSF's top ranked speech team mines their own life stories for inspiration." Diego Perez is on the left and Zachery Herrera is on the right.

The CCSF Forensics (Speech & Debate) Team travels to local and national tournaments to compete against other 2-year and 4-year colleges in various styles of debate, oratory, and performance of literature.  In total, there are 16 different "events" you could compete in, and you have 2-years of competitive eligibility to develop as a thinker, researcher and communicator while you explore forensics activities in the community college.

If you've never heard of "forensics" before or you think only of dead bodies and crime scenes, you may want to read about the four primary types of eventsview some exemplary speeches, show up to a local tournament, or arrange to meet with a coach.

Through study, practice and competition, students gain experience, skills and confidence.  Oprah Winfrey, Sonya Sotomayor, Barak Obama, James Earl Jones, Nelson Mandella, and many other famous, influential people competed in and reaped the benefits of forensic activities. Our students have gone on to become lawyers, news anchors, executives, professors, and more.

Develop your ability to think critically and creatively and communicate persuasively and passionately! Join the CCSF Forensics team by enrolling in CMST 38, Forensics Competition.

Jessica and Mwinyi between rounds at the Mustang Invitational

Students Testimonials:

"I feel honored to have participated in such an amazing event. I met a lot of wonderful people and had the opportunity to learn a lot from other performers. The overall experience is far more valuable than any medals could ever be." - Sergio Suhett, 2011

"An incredible experience started in January of 2010.  A little gay mormon piece would eventually lead me to a fallen apostle and a Gold Medal at PRP - who would have thunk it!?  Thank you for believing in me, giving me the opportunity to compete, and your time and energy in preparing for the trips." - Kyle Johnson, 2011

Contact us if you have questions or want to learn more about the team.

Enjoy edu-taining debates, performances, & speeches featured at our end-of-semester showcases!



Forensics Organizations - Phi Rho PiCross Examination Debate Association (CEDA), National Paliamentary Debate Association (NPDA), National Forensics Association (NFA), American Forensics Association, Interstate Oratorical Association

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AFA NIET 2015 Championship Team (left to right): Zach Herrera, Jeff Antonio, Myla Calilong, Robert Hawkins, Diana Norton, Kameron Burroughs, and Diego Perez