Scholarships & Awards

Yefim Cherkis Memorial Scholarship

Yefim Cherkis was a dedicated photography student at City College of San Francisco who, in 1994, tragically lost his life at the age of twenty.

Yefim’s passion for photography and presence in the departmental community was an inspiration to his fellow students. After his untimely death the Photography Department decided to honor him by establishing a bi-annual merit award: The Yefim Cherkis Memorial Scholarship.

Since 1994, the Yefim Cherkis Memorial Scholarship has continued to assist talented photography students in our community. The scholarship has been generously endowed and supported by Yefim’s family and friends.

Portfolio submissions are solicited by the department each semester and an award of $500 is given to the student whose work is judged superior based on concept, creativity, and technical mastery. Submissions for the Yefim Cherkis Memorial Scholarship will be due in the week immediately prior to finals week of the current semester. Information regarding submission requirements will be posted in the later half of the current term.

Student Winners

Barbara Stewart Memorial Scholarship

The Barbara Stewart Memorial Scholarship was established by the ESL Department in memory of the late and beloved Barbara Stewart, an ESL instructor and photography enthusiast. Each semester, a Beginning Photography (PHOT 51) student is awarded a $250 merit-based scholarship in her honor. Information regarding submission requirements and submission dates will be posted in the later half of the current term.

Student Winners


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