Department Review

Program Objectives & Details

Course Objectives & Details

Course #
Course Name
SPCH 1A Elements of Public Speaking    
SPCH 2 Introduction to Rhetorical Criticism    
SPCH 3 Argumentation and Debate 10/97  
SPCH 4 Group Communication    
SPCH 5 Intercultural Communication    
SPCH 6 Workplace Communication    
SPCH 7 Oral Interpretation of Literature    
SPCH 11 Basic Public Speaking    
SPCH 12 Fundamentals of Oral Communication    
SPCH 20 Interpersonal Communication    
SPCH 37 Intracollegiate Forensics    
SPCH 38 Intercollegiate Forensics
SPCH G Oral Communication for Teams    
SPCH H Oral Presentation Skills    
SPCH I One-on-one Oral Communication