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Studio Ready for Industry Advisory Panel

Our advisors help
             to shape and guide
                        Broadcast Electronic Media Arts
                                    into the future.

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Industry Advisory Panels, 2016-17

Four Panels

March 20th, 2017-Video and Media Production / Multi-Media Journalism programs

Panelists Included:

  • Eric Wise-Video Editor/Producer, Freelance
  • Ray Santiago-Owner/Founder/Executive Producer Beyondpix
  • Fawn Luu-Video Producer, Freelance
  • Eduardo Mancera-Videographer/DP Univision
  • Ian Bolden-Video Producer- Oracle
  • Kelly Lawrence-Executive Producer/Client Services Director Beyondpix
  • Gleidson Martins-Owner/Founder/Executive Producer NewUpNow- CCSF/BEMA Alum
  • Heather Hurford-Live Video Producer LinkedIn
  • Ross Hayduck-Student Panelist

Minutes       Agenda

March 13th, 2017-Sound Recording Arts Programs

Panelists Included

  • Jim Hedges- Lead Audio Designer-Zynga
  • Bill Sage- A/V Systems Designer, Former recording Engineer and Live sound touring enginee
  • Mark Senesac- Audio Engineer, Sony Interactive
  • Kristin Miltner- Sound Desginer for Slot Machines / Games
  • Gabriel Armstrong- Union Stage Hand, Live sound and A/V

Minutes        Agenda

March 9th, 2017 Convergence Media, Multi-Media Journalism, Audio and Video for Web, Audio/Visual Technologist programs

Panelists included:

  • Maya Zuckerman-Social Media Specialist, TransMedia SF
  • King Kaufman
  • Daniela Savinelli-      GoPro
  • Olivia Henry-Engagement Manager, KALW NPR
  • Geoffrey Dietrich-Executive Producer, AJ+

Minutes               Agenda

January 11, 2017-Game Audio Advisory Panel

Panelists included:

  • Steve Horowitz- Nickelodeon Digital
  • Scott Looney- Game Audio Netowork

Minutes  Agenda

Industry Advisory Panel, 2015-16

These advisors joined us on February 29th, 2016, to review all of our certificate programs. Especially those pending state approval.

  • Dave Nelson - Supervising Sound Editor/Re-Recording Engineer at Outpost Studios
  • Sheila McIntosh - Visual Effects Editor, Editor (previously ILM, Pixar, Dreamworks)
  • Scott Celestre - Director KTVY Ch2
  • Olivia Henry - Digital Strategist / KALW Radio
  • Joe Rosenberg - Producer of Snap Judgment NPR
  • Maya Zuckerman - Co-Founder Transmedia SF / Transmedia Specialist
  • Alan S. Johnson - Video Editor, Motion Graphics and 3D Animation  of Node Post
  • Gabriel Armstrong - Live Sound Engineer - IATSE Local 16
  • Jerry Sander - Director / Producer KGO TV
  • Scott Looney - Game Audio Institute Co-Founder-Sat in Audience

The panel was passionate about teaching professionalism and instilling in students the importance of self-motivation, reliability and responsibility.  The panel discussed equity and the impact of non-paid internships on less affluent students.  Advisors praised our curriculum for its focus on storytelling skills which include writing and critical analysis.  The panel discussed how media tools are changing so rapidly students need to be dedicated to their craft in order to keep current.  Panelists suggested students learn systems and some beginning level coding in order to set up and trouble shoot in the field.


Sound for Games / Audio Advisory Panel, 2014-15

Listen to the audio recording of the panel ...

These advisors joined us on April 19, 2015, to review the draft course outline and student learning outcomes for the Sound for Games course (BCST 129):

  • Steve Horowitz – Audio Director-Nickelodeon Digital, Co-Founder Game Audio Institute
  • Matt Levine – Music Producer-Sony Computer Entertainment of America
  • Jim Hedges – Lead Audio Designer-Zynga

Additional advisors not able to make the event include:

  • Kristin Miltner – International Game Technology
  • Scott Looney – Co-Founder-Game Audio Institute

The panel recommended revision of language in the student learning outcomes, and course content. The panel also strongly recommended that changes be made in pre-requisites to reflect the need to have a strong foundation in Pro-Tools before entering the class.  Faculty are currently revising the course outline to reflect the panel’s recommendations.  After recommendations are made the panelists will have another chance to review the course.


Transmedia Advisory Panel, 2013-14

The following advisors joined us on December 5, 2013, to review curriculum and program learning outcomes for the Rich Media Production Certificate of Achievement:

The panel recommended  a significant revision of program learning outcomes, course content, requirements and sequence and a change in the certificate of achievement title. The new name (Convergence Media Production)  along with revised program learning outcomes, course requirements and course sequence have been approved by the College Curriculum Committee and will be reflected in the 2014-15 college catalog.


Video/TV/Journalism Advisory Panel, 2012-13

The following joined us on April 25, 2012, to discuss our Video/TV/Journalism curriculum and other recommendations:

  • Graham Hancock - Producer/Editor at Revision3 (IPTV)
  • Mike Murray - Editorial Director of International Marketing and Ad agency AKQA
  • David Mills - Associate Regional Editor for, an Internet content provider owned by AOL, and formerly writer/producer at KPIX-TV from 1993 to 2010
  • Erica Milsom - Documentary filmmaker at Pixar Animation Studios
  • Mariel Myers - Former Senior Producer at ABC/KGO-TV & Advisor @ Drop In Media LLC
  • Paul Nordin - Cinematographer at EMB Studios
  • Kathy Ringgold - Film Editor at Pixar Animation Studios
  • Ken Schneider - Producer, editor, sound recordist for Patchwork Films
  • Julie Watts - Producer and ConsumerWatch reporter at CBS/KPIX-TV
  • Eric Wise - Accomplished freelance editor/compositor, formerly with Macy's, Safeway, Electronic Arts / founder of 

An audio recording of the event is available in mp3 format.


Sound Recording Arts Advisory Panel, 2011-12

The following joined us in 2011 to discuss our Sound Recording Arts curriculum and other recommendations:

  • Marc Senasac: Sony PlayStation - Senior Music Engineer
  • Renee Richardson: KFOG - Morning Show On-Air Host
  • Dave Nelson: Outpost Studios - Supervising Sound Engineer / Composer / Re-recording Mixer
  • Cindy McSherry: Studio Trilogy - Business Manager
  • Gabriel Armstrong: JK Sound Systems Engineer & Live Sound Touring Engineer
  • Eddie Raymond: IATSE - Local 16 VP and training director
  • Lauren Tabak: hi-fi D.I.Y. Productions - Content Developer for clients Google, Rhapsody, and others
  • Willie Samuels: Studio Trilogy- Senior Recording Engineer
  • Howard Gelman: KQED - Senior Audio Engineer
  • Barney Jones: Pixar Animation Studios - Music and Sound Editor
  • Tom Disher: Disher Music and Sound - Composer, Soud Design, Mixer
  • Michael Primmer: Location Sound Mixer
  • Jesse Harlin: LucasArts - Music Supervisor


Previous Advisors Include ...

Peter Borg (Alumnus): KQED, Producer-Director of "The McNeil/Leher News Hour"

Lynn Friedman: KGO-TV, Special Projects Manager

Karen Lipney: AFTRA Executive

Alex Johnson: TV Executive, retired

Joe Riordan: KPIX-TV, Photographer (Field Camera Operator)

Demetrius Leal: Mantron Corporation, Animator

Don Sharp: KRON-TV, Director

John Lucasey: Studio 880

Perry Lancaster: Plant Recording Studio

Cheryl Jennings (Alumna): KGO-TV, News Anchor

Stephen Hart: Fantasy Studios, Chief Engineer

Jeff Kliment: Lucas Arts, Director of Sound Design for Video Games

Jon Manuel: Clear Channel Radio, Wild 94.9

Don Gardner: KRON-TV, Technical Director

M. T. Silva: Pixar

Nancy Dobbs: KRCB Radio and Television, General Manager

Pat Patton: KRON-TV, Vice President of Programming