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The Broadcast Electronic Media Arts department prepares students for university transfer and provides degree holders and job seekers the opportunity to upgrade workplace skills and prepare for career transition. Graduates either transfer to a university or seek employment in the media industries in the following occupations:

  • Video Industry

Directors, producers, videographers/camera operators, announcers, broadcast journalists, media managers, digital effects and broadcast motion graphics technicians, equipment technicians, television, cable, satellite and Internet programming, corporate/industrial video production, field and studio video pre-production, production and post-production, video production for mobile devices and games, marketing/advertising, and public relations.

  • Audio and Sound Recording Industry

Sound producers and sound editors in radio, television, film, and games, live sound event production, live sound recording/mobile recording, music studio recording, sound design for visual and interactive media, sound broadcast for the Internet, audio production for mobile devices, and emerging media technology specialist, audiovisual support services.

Job Growth

There is steady annual job growth (2% -11%) for entry-level employment directly related to Broadcast Electronic Media Arts Career Technical Education certificate programs and curriculum. Sample salaries include:

  • Producer: $68,440 | $38.90/hr
  • Writer: $100,330 / $48hr
  • Camera Operator: $67,320 / $33.66hr
  • Sound Engineer: $56,500 / $27hr
  • Music Producer: $27,000 (staff), $40,000 (Freelance), $50K-$70K
  • Video Editor: 79,740 / $39.87hr
  • Video Producer: $124,760 / $62.38hr  
  • Radio Broadcaster / Reporter: $43,000 / $21hr
  • Radio News Analyst: $50,000 / $24hr
  • Advertising Sales: $65,440 / $32.75hr
  • Announcer: $27,010 / $12.99/hr.
  • Broadcast Sound Engineering Technician and Radio Operators: $55,490 / $26.68hr
  • Media and Communications Equipment Workers: $56,710 / $27.27/hr
  • Audio and Video Equipment Technicians: $55,490 / $26.68/hr  
  • Set Designer: $46,680 / $22.44/hr
  • Media Archivist: $45,200 / $21.73/hr
  • Art Director: $80.603 / $38.77/hr

Career Technical Education (CTE) Certificate Programs


  • Audio and Video for the Web
  • Multimedia Journalism (formerly Broadcast Journalism)
  • Convergent Media Production (formerly Rich Media Production)




  • Digital Radio News and Public Affairs
  • Digital Radio Performance and Production
  • Digital Radio Management


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