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KCSF Radio is an online radio station serving the City College of San Francisco. Run by students, we bring you campus news, sports coverage, live DJs, and student-led discussions.


You can listen to our Live Stream on TuneIn.com or through the TuneIn app on your smartphone. Just search for "KCSF Radio" and look for our logo. 


Please contact us at kcsfatccsf@gmail.com if you're interested in having your own radio show. There are also openings on the news team, the music team, and the marketing team. Help and equipment will be made available to you. 


Or drop by to get involved! We're in Room 171 in the ArtX Building Monday, Wednesday, and Friday 12pm to 5pm.


Subscribe to our KCSF NEWS podcast available on iTunes, GooglePlay, and Stitcher. Or listen now on Soundcloud, updated weekly!


Follow us on social media: Instagram: @kcsf_radio ,Facebook: kcsfradioccsf, Twitter: @KcsfRadio



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  • Call the live on-air DJ: (415) 952-kcsf
  • E-mail station: KCSF@ccsf.edu (submissions & requests)
  • E-mail department chair: smcfarla@ccsf.edu (program info)

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KCSF Radio Logo Fall 2018