On this page: Submit Content - 3 Easy Steps, Broadcast Standards, and What We Air. Save yourself some time and read this entire page before you create and/or submit content.

Submit Content - 3 easy steps

  1. Put your work on an authored DVD that is playable in a  standard DVD player.  We can also accept miniDV and  DVCPro tapes.  Do not send us a computer/data file or download unless you have cleared this with a station  operator. Follow our quality standards.
  2. Make sure you print and sign the broadcast release form so  we can air your video.
  3. Mail us the video and release form:
    Educational Access Television, CCSF
    50 Phelan Ave, Box A73
    San Francisco, CA  94112

If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to call us at the station 415/239-3887.  We are happy to help you with all issues!

Broadcast Standards

  • Make sure to include 5 seconds of black before your film and after your film.  It is standard to include color bars and a countdown when submitting content for broadcast.
  • Sound on your work should be equalized, so that the music and dialogue do not peak over 0db.  Bad audio is the most common reason that submissions are not aired.
  • EATV broadcasts Standard Definition in a 4x3 aspect ratio.  If your work was shot using a High Definition camera, the aspect will be different and it will need to be letterboxed to broadcast correctly without cutting off portions of the picture.  Most DVD authoring programs, such as iDVD and DVD Studio Pro will do this for you.  

If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to call us at the station 415/239-3887.  We are happy to help you with all issues!

What We Air

We air content that serves our community.  Staff considers videos whether long or short, controversial or sedate, serious or light.

Educational Access Television airs Public Service Announcements (PSAs) that promote non-commercial events organizations or services.  Political content will only be considered if all sides are represented.

Do you have a documentary, short film, feature narrative film, music video, television series, web series, experimental film, cooking show, or live performance you would like to submit to air on EATV?  We will consider all quality content for broadcast in the following programs on the Spring and Fall schedules:

  • Documentary Showcase:  We air a variety of documentaries from around the world.  Our content has included subjects such as election fraud, AIDS in Africa, queer culture, Asian American experience, and behind-the-scenes of indie movie making.  We welcome all quality work of any length.
  • The Broadcast Edge: This is not your network television, where our programmers can go wild with the interesting content they find!  We have aired independent TV series, film festivals, music videos, cooking shows, feature films and shorts.  If you have something that you think will pique our interest, send it in!
  • Student content:  We are proud to broadcast quality student content from Bay Area Video Coalition, TILT, City College Cinema & Broadcasting Departments, SFSU Cinema & Broadcasting Departments, the Art Institute, Mills College, and Peralta Colleges.  We welcome submissions from all schools.  Some schools have their own time slot on our station and we are interested in building more relationships of this type.  If you would like to explore this idea further, please contact us at
  • Film Festival: We review short and feature format films of all types.  With a dedicated 3-hour block we can broadcast entire film festivals. Previously, we’ve screened the Festival of the Moving Image, City Shorts, the Excelsior Film Festival and San Francisco State University’s Final Films festival. We also program our own film festivals from submissions of all types.
  • Kids Time: We look for fun, imaginative and engaging shorts or series appropriate for children ages 5-15.  Some of our kid-friendly programming includes NASA’s Our World, Children’s Corner, Dave Travels, and Spotlight on Hope.