Educational Access Television


Educational Access Television hires a few student interns as lab aides or work study for one to two semesters each academic year.  Interns must be registered in the Internship class BCST 160, and be taking at least five additional units at City College. It helps to be a returning broadcast or new media student. Be sure to check out the Student Hiring Eligibility Process.

The following describes different areas of emphasis of internships depending on budget and current needs of the station:

Electronic Graphics Design
Using a variety of graphics software, the designer creates graphics and other art work for EATV ID's, logos, bulletin boards and other programming. Previous graphic experience and training highly desirable. This is an opportunity to create a design portfolio.

Traffic and Master Program Log

This intern assists with the scheduling of EATV programming and with air play records, and other record keeping functions. This is an opportunity to learn about television station administration.

Head End Operator
This intern assists in operating the EATV digital automated on-air playback system, monitors the air signal for quality, and performs other technical functions as directed. This is an excellent internship for someone with an interest in television engineering.

Program Acquisition and Production

This intern assists the EATV faculty program manager in assessing the suitability of programming for air. He or she also assists with EATV program production. This is an excellent opportunity for a student who has aspirations of becoming a television producer. Candidates are chosen from outstanding department video production students.

Television Announcer
This intern writes, performs, and records voice-overs for EATV announcements and other productions, and has the opportunity to appear on EATV productions. The perfect internship for a student wanting to become a television announcer, reporter, anchor, or performer.


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