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Broadcast Media Services

We support student success by providing the following:

Monday-Thursday 8am-10pm, Friday 8am-5pm on Ocean Campus.
Saturday & Sunday services sometimes available with advanced notice.

Located in the Creative Arts Extension Building on Ocean Campus, Broadcast Media Services supports student success with video distribution, video production, video playback, webcast services and equipment delivery to over 160 Ocean Campus classrooms and meeting rooms, allowing faculty to focus on teaching and presentation. Broadcast Media Services staff and student interns also provide technical support, operations and production services for Education Access Television.

Broadcast Media Services classroom deliveries are on Ocean Campus only. Video Production and Webcasting services are provided throughout the San Francisco Community College District.    

Please request delivery service five days in advance. We will do our best to accommodate requests with shorter notice, but please understand that our resources are limited and late requests are often not possible to accommodate.

As the video shows, we provide classroom equipment deliveries (video playback and multimedia "Smart" projection carts), off-air recordings, VHS/DVD duplication within copyright guidelines, recording equipment for faculty checkout, and maintenance/distribution of Student Information Network (SIN). Operations also supports production services with web streaming and archiving, and production crew.

2. Student Checkout

BEMA-only student checkout of audiovisual/broadcast-related production, recording facilities, and editing equipment for use in BEMA coursework. Meet Dana and Robert at the checkout window Ax169:

3. Internship Program

Broadcast Media Services and EATV-Ch 27 & 75 internship programs provide students with exposure to workplace conduct and hands-on application of theory and skills. Faculty and staff ensure a connected experience between the classroom and internships. Both paid and unpaid internships are available. See Internship Program

4. Production Services

Audio and video production, including project management, for teleclasses, online classes, and special events and meetings in support of instruction, student services, educational access television, professional development, shared governance, performances, presentations, events and other college and district activities. Click here for more information. Video and audio production requests must first go through Department Chair Sheila McFarland, though you may call Susan Boeckmann first. 

5. Engineering Services

In support of our Operations and Production services, our engineers provide audio and video equipment/system maintenance and technical expertise. Click here for more information.

6. Other Related Services

  • LOST & FOUND: Did you lose your DVD or VHS tape? If you left it on a cart, we might have it! Call us at (415) 239-3525. Or we might give your VHS tape to a museum. Did you leave something in a classroom near our office? Maybe someone turned it in to us in ArtX169. After six months, we recycle everything in our Lost & Found bin.

  • VIDEO DISTRIBUTION: Are you looking to get single or multiple classroom video distribution to classrooms through the Ocean Campus via closed-circuit television system? Call (415) 239-3525.

  • CONFERENCE ROOM: Would you like to use our conference room? Call (415) 239-3525 to check if ArtX 170 is available.

  • WEBSITE: Need some guidance on your CCSF website? 


Corrections to BMS Video

  1. Same day requests are Kryptonite. We require a five-working day notice for equipment requests in order to serve the college in the most effective way with our limited resources.
  2. Though we might "fly" during our busy delivery schedule, Superman may be unavailable to visit your classroom. Certain areas and types of equipment on Ocean Campus are handled by the Audiovisual Department in R305.
  3. Student reservation & check-out of equipment and our computer labs are limited to BEMA production students for their course-specific projects; the general public/student body do not have access to our student production equipment, including computer and production lab space.
  4. We are limited by resources, time, and copyright law in our duplication services. Also, we are unable currently to record from cable television due in part to the funding crisis.