Broadcast Electronic Media Arts

"Where the ears, eyes and heart collide"

Our students produce programming like this.
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Radio, TV, Video and Sound Arts

The Broadcast Electronic Media Arts Department prepares students for university transfer and provides lifelong learners and degree holders the opportunity to upgrade workplace skills and prepare for career transition. Graduates either transfer to a university or seek employment in the media industry.

Courses and programs explore the design and creation of content for the electronic media with focus on writing, media analysis, storytelling, teamwork, leadership, production craft skills, and emerging technologies. Media literacy is emphasized throughout the curriculum. Classes are offered at Ocean Campus, at the Mission Campus Media Studies Center, on EATV-Ch27 & 75 and online.

All courses are credit and degree applicable and transfer to the CSU and/or UC systems. Some courses transfer as breadth requirements and/or core major requirements to colleges and universities such as San Francisco State University (9 courses), University of California Berkeley (3 courses), and San Francisco Art Institute (6 courses). Certificate programs are recommended for those seeking to acquire entry-level skills, or upgrade and retool skills, and for lifelong learners preparing for career transition.

Email Francine Podenski at or Call (415)239-3527.



Broadcast Electronic Media Arts operates two educational access television channels for the City of San Francisco (EATV Ch 27 & 75)  and one internet radio station (KCSF).

Students interested in television programming, production and operations are encouraged to apply for internships with EATV. Students interested in radio programming, production, and operations should register for BCST 130 or 131.

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Broadcast Media Services

Broadcast Media Services provides classroom equipment deliveries, audio and video production, playback, distribution, classroom equipment delivery, format conversion, duplication services, audio and video equipment/system maintenance and technical expertise to support instruction, student services, educational access television, professional development, shared governance, performances, presentations, events and other college and district activities.

Services are available Monday through Thursday from 8am-10:00pm and on Friday from 8am-5pm. To request service, e-mail at least 3 working days in advance.

Broadcast Media Services and EATV-Ch 27 & 75 internship programs provide students with exposure to workplace conduct and hands-on application of theory and skills. Faculty and staff ensure a connected experience between the classroom and internships. Both paid and unpaid internships are available. See the Internships link on this website and College and Industry Internships Online  for more information.


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