City College Art Gallery

The City College Art Gallery is located in the Visual Art Building, v119, on the Ocean Campus of City College of San Francisco. The gallery is wheelchair accessible, free to the public, and just a few blocks from the Balboa BART station. Please call 415.239.3156 for further info.

Gallery Hours:

Monday 1pm to 3pm

Tuesday 4pm to 6pm

Wednesday 1pm to 3pm

Thursday 4pm to 6pm

Gallery hours are subject to change. Please call 415.239.3156 to confirm.

Current Exhibit

Tsungwei Moo

Good Die Young

Feb 18-March 12, 2020

Reception: Thursday, February 20, 5:30 to 7:30


Tsungwei Moo was born in Taipei, Taiwan. She received her degree in Mass Communication from Tamkang University, earning one of three top honors in all of Taiwan. She was formerly employed as an advertising art director in Taipei. Upon emigrating to California, Tsungwei, a lifelong artist, decided to dedicate herself to art. She continued her fine art education at CCSF and Laney Colleges in the Bay Area. She has produced a significant body of work in many mediums including ceramics and printmaking, as well as painting. Her art is an expression of her passionate observation of the wonders of nature and humanity.

She has been granted awards and exhibitions from the DeYoung Museum, YBCA, SF Woman Artists, and the San Francisco Public Library.  She is an artist in residence at Yosemite National Park, an art instructor of the Yosemite Conservancy, where she teaches pastel drawing for the past 8 years. She won San Francisco Muni Art 2018 and her art was on 20 buses drove around in San Francisco. In 2019, her designed aircraft had won United Airlines “Her Art Here” contest and painted on a Boeing 757 airplane to represent California.

Her work reveals her direct observation of life, informed by her hard-earned technical virtuosity, her professional background, her many travels around the world, and her passion for the shared experience of humanity.  


I have always believed in the power of art to inspire change. My art is my conviction that creation is stronger than the destructive, false ideals that threaten our society. My art expresses my conviction that culture is not a barrier, but a door to our common humanity. There are common experiences that all humans share and can learn from.  Art has the ability to transcend language barriers and cultural divides.

Through the act of creation, I imbue meaningful found materials with a new spirit that shows my reverence for every individual, to the traditions and environment which shapes them. I honor and celebrate life.

The City College Art Gallery’s Mission

  • Establish City College Art Gallery as an important arts destination for citizens of San Francisco and the Greater Bay Area, stimulating awareness, support, and participation in the arts.
  • Provide a free, publicly accessible venue for art.
  • Provide meaningful cultural and learning experiences for City College students.
  • Introduce art students to juried exhibitions and visiting artist-led workshops.
  • Offer hands-on training in all aspects of gallery management, providing them practical job skills in order to gain employment.