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Painting studio Fort Mason

As artists and art historians, our mission is to promote creative and critical thought through a wide range of disciplines:

Art History                       
Chinese Brush Painting       
Figure Drawing
Metal Arts

Images of student work

Our comprehensive and vigorous art curriculum is offered to the culturally and economically diverse Bay Area community via online, hybrid and in person art classes at the Downtown, Fort Mason and Ocean campuses and at the Legion of Honor.

We look forward to working with you in reaching your artistic and educational goals and invite you to contact us with any questions about our courses and program.


"Last night, we attended the opening of a special exhibition at City College of San Francisco(Almost) Free Formed, featuring collaborative works of former City College students Barry McGee, Chris Johanson, and Laurie Reid. The quiet, intimate night was highlighted by the trio's organization and layout of the show, and also gave notice to the importance of SF's City College to some of the most successful and influential artists to come out of San Francisco in recent decades." Juxatpoz, Feb 2013

"A lot of my first art classes I ever took were here,” Johanson said. “There’s a diversity of people that go to school here. It’s a really great place, as a young adult, to learn about life and art-making at the same time. I could never have afforded to go anywhere else." Chris Johanson speaking about CCSF, interviewed by The Guardsman. Artist Chris Johanson was featured in the Whitney Bienniel, Bay Area Now, and awarded SFMOMA’s Seca Award.