Reflective Teaching Project

Bophany Huot with ESL facilitators and participants (Spring 2005)

Groups of CCSF ESL and Transitional Studies teachers have been meeting monthly to discuss the ideas and issues that are central to learning and teaching.

Under the guidance of a mentoring facilitator, a focus teacher  presents an important issue and the group, following the Inquiry Reflective Cycle, helps the focus teacher describe, analyze and reflect on the particular issue to find ways to address it.

Through a three-steps process (Description of the problem, Interpretation and Intelligent Action), the inquiry group reflects on the issue by having in mind the knowledge, skills, awareness and attitudes related to the issue in question. Then, each member of the inquiry group articulates and proposes intelligent actions to the focus teacher. This reflective cycle offers the participants effective ways to improve their teaching techniques, and increase their awareness of the inter-relationships among teaching, learning, and context.

TRST & ESL instructors in the Reflective Teaching Facilitator training in collaboration with SFUSD

Main purposes of the Reflective Teaching Project:

  • Assist teachers to focus on the learning process by being part of an inquiry group that discusses varied issues related to students and/or the teaching-learning process.
  • Increase the participants’ ability to work collaboratively and creatively with their colleagues.
  • Get new perspectives on learning and on their own teaching contexts.