High School Diploma Program

GED High School Graduation

Adults may earn the CCSF High School Diploma at the John Adams and Mission Centers. For enrollment & admission information, click HERE.

This program provides an opportunity for adults to earn the CCSF High School Diploma. Additionally, the classes that begin after 4:00 p.m. are open to students who are still enrolled in the 11th or 12th grades and wish to earn high school credits to transfer to their regular high school. All high school students are strongly encouraged to enroll early since classes may not be available after the first few weeks of the term. 

Students may also choose to take the GED® or the HiSet (High School Equivalency Test) without enrolling in the diploma program.

High School Diploma Requirements

The CCSF High School Diploma program requires 160 high school credits:

Subject Areas  Credits Required
Natural Sciences  20 credits
Social & Behavioral Sciences  30 credits
Humanities  10 credits
English   30 credits
Mathematics   20 credits
Flexible/Elective  50 credits


High School credit is earned through coursework or by passing CA State approved High School Equivalency Tests:  GED®, HiSET®, and TASC™ (up to 50 credits).

Residency Requirements

At least 20 credits must be earned in the Transitional Studies Department or, with the Department Chair's permission, in other CCSF departments.

English requirement: a student must have completed with a grade of "C" or better, at least one of the Transitional Studies core required English classes, or a CCSF degree-applicable class in the English Department.

Mathematics requirement: a student must have completed with a grade of "C" or better, at least one of the Transitional Studies core required mathematics classes, or a CCSF degree-applicable class in the Mathematics Department. 

The CCSF High School Diploma's Program Learning Outcomes are derived from the following: Common Core State Standard and CASAS competencies.Transitional Studies High School Diploma Courses

(Not all courses are offered every term)

To view/print the high school courses available in this department, click HERE.

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English Core 
30 credits
TRST 3331: High School Academic Reading/Writing 5
TRST 3332: Grammar & Writing
TRST 3333: Elements of Speech 
TRST 3334: Discovering Literature
TRST 3335: Exploring Literature
TRST 3346: HS Literature & Composition
TRST 3347: HS Contemporary Writers 5
TRST 3348: Writing Academic Papers
Math Core 
20 credits
TRST 3421: HS Algebra 1A
TRST 3422: HS Algebra 1B 
TRST 3423: Geometry 1A
TRST 3424: Geometry 1B
Social Science 30 credits
TRST 3531: U.S. History 1 5
TRST 3532: U.S. History 2 5
TRST 3533:  Civics 5
TRST 3534: Economics 5
TRST 3535: Modern World History 5
TRST 3536: Social Justice 5
Science 20 credits
TRST 3631: Physical Science 1 5
TRST 3642: HS Biology 5
TRST 3643: HS Ecology
TRST 3644:  HS Physics 5
Humanities 10 credits
TRST 3721: Visual Arts 5
TRST 3732: Comparative Religion 5
Elective Credits 40 credits
TRST 1321: Academic Reading 1
TRST 1322: Academic Reading/Writing 1.5 5
TRST 1323: Vocabulary & Spelling 5
TRST 1324: Academic Writing 10
TRST 2321: Academic Reading 2 5
TRST 2322: Academic Reading/Writing 2.5 5
TRST 2323: Media Literacy
TRST 1422: Math Skills Development 1 5
TRST 2421: Math Skills Development 2 5
TRST 2422: Math Skills Lab 5
TRST 2522: Focus on the Future 5
TRST 2533:  Health Education 5
TRST 2731: The Americas in Film 2.5