Adult Basic Education Program

Adult Student

This program is open to adults who need to strengthen and improve their basic skills.  Reading and writing classes emphasize vocabulary development and comprehension and help students learn to write paragraphs and essays.  Mathematics classes focus on basic arithmetic skills.

The program includes pre-GED classes in the five subject areas on the GED test.  ABE classes are designed to strengthen skills in reading, writing, computer literacy, and life skills.

ABE Courses Available:
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Individualized Learning Labs, Self-paced, Open-entry, & Multi-level Classes
TRST 0035. Individualized Reading and Writing
TRST 0036. Reading/Writing Lab
TRST 0037. High School Learning Lab
TRST 0038. Orientation to Academic Success
TRST 0039. ABE/Pre-GED Preparation
TRST 0040. GED Preparation
TRST 53. Test Prep: Standardized Tests
 TRST 53E.
TRST 53F. Test Prep: CAHSEE English-Language Arts
TRST 53G. Test Prep: CAHSEE Mathematics

LEVEL I - Beginning and Basic Instruction in Reading, Writing, Communication, and Mathematics
TRST 1321. Academic Reading 1
TRST 1322. Academic Reading and Writing 1.5
TRST 1323. Vocabulary
TRST 1324. Academic Writing 1
TRST 1411. Gateway to Credit Math
TRST 1422. Math Skills Development 1

Level II
TRST 2321. Academic Reading/Writing 2
TRST 2322. Academic Reading/Writing 2.5
TRST 2323. Media Literacy
TRST 2421. Math Skills Development 2
TRST 2422. Math Skills Lab
TRST 2521. Career and Personal Income Management
TRST 2522. Focus on the Future
TRST 2533. Health Education
TRST 2731. The Americas in Film

Vocationally Related Courses
Prepare for Employment, Entry Into Job Training Programs, or Further College Study
TRST 4600. Pre-Vocational Foundation Skills
TRST 4601. On the Job Communication Skills
TRST 4602. Literacy Tutor Training
TRST 4603. Graphic Arts Academics
TRST 4604. Vocational Foundation Skills
TRST 4640. Vocational Foundation Skills-Reading, Writing and Study Skills
TRST 4644. Vocational Foundation Skills-Mathematics and Job Readiness