Semester in Rome and Florence

Program not currently being offered. Please check back for updates.



Passports and Visas

Participants are responsible for obtaining their own passports. Your passport must be valid for at least six months after your expected return to the U.S. If you do not already have a passport or want to renew your expired passport, you can visit the following website in order to find the location nearest you to apply for a passport: TRAVEL.STATE.GOV

Students participating in this program are responsible for completing the paperwork and following the instructions and deadlines required to obtain a study visa prior to departure for Italy. Requirements for the study visa will vary depending on the consulate under whose jurisdiction your permanent address falls. Proof of full-time status will be provided to the Consulate by the Study Abroad Office at the time of application. Students are responsible for maintaining full-time status while abroad in order to remain in student visa status. A packet of information on the visa process will be sent to all students participating in the CCSF Semester in Rome and Florence Program after their application has been received and processed. If you have questions, you can contact the CCSF Study Abroad Coordinator at 415/239-3778.

Note: Non-US citizens may have different visa requirements and should assess their responsibility by visiting the Italian Consulate web site at:


All participants will receive an International Student Identity Card (ISIC) with basic worldwide health and accident insurance. This policy is very limited and it is highly recommended that you have medical insurance that will cover you more completely while abroad. If your insurance company will not cover you abroad or if you would like information on trip cancellation or baggage insurance, please contact ACCENT at 415/835-3744 or 800/869-9291.

As part of the visa application process, students may be required to purchase Assitalia, an Italian medical insurance plan. Details will be provided with the visa packet, and at the pre-departure orientation. Payment may be requested for the Assitalia insurance shortly after arrival in Rome.