Health Insurance

Important Notice for All F-1 Status Students

City College of San Francisco international students are required by federal law to maintain minimum essential health insurance coverage. The college has mandated that F-1 visa student must fulfill these requirements by enrolling in the coverage chosen by the college for our international students. All City College of San Francisco international students who are here on an F-1 visa are therefore required to purchase health insurance through Ascension Benefits and Insurance Solutions, Inc. with GeoBlue. This company has been approved by the City College Board of Trustees to provide excellent medical coverage at a competitive price. Once you have enrolled in the insurance program and purchased your insurance, you will be able to choose your doctor(s) from a large number of health care providers in the San Francisco and Bay Area communities who are part of the GeoBlue Preferred Provider Organization (PPO) network.

This insurance is mandatory for all F-1 international students. The deadline to purchase this insurance is the last day to add classes for the Fall and Spring terms. Please consult the academic calendar for specific dates.

Enroll Now

For Academic Program Students

Please visit Ascension Benefits and Insurance Solutions, Inc. website:


Come to Cloud Hall Room 212

Please allow 24 - 48 hours for your payment to go through,
and for your hold on WEB4 to be removed.

For Conditional Admission or Intensive English Program Students

Please visit Ascension Benefits and Insurance Solutions, Inc. website: 


Come to Cloud Hall Room 212

Insurance Assistance - Fall 2017 Semester

Visit the International Student Office at Cloud Hall Room 212

Monday: 10:00am - 1:30pm
Tuesday: 10:00am - 1:30pm
Wednesday: 12:00noon - 5:00pm
Thursday: 12:00noon - 5:00pm
Friday: 10:00am - 1:30pm

Or Call 1-415-239-3778 for an appointment.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What does the health insurance through Ascension Benefits and Insurance Solutions, Inc. cover (include)?
    The policy provides excellent benefits, including a generous maximum benefit per Injury or Sickness of $250,000 per year and 100% coverage for most physician and clinic/hospital services within network, minus a co-pay, if applicable. The policy has no co-payment IF you first seek medical help from CCSF Student Health Services (located in HC-100 on the Ocean Campus). If CCSF Student Health Services refers you to a doctor, there will be no co-payment for the doctor visit. If you go directly to a doctor without first seeing a nurse at Student Health Services, a $20 co-payment is required to see a doctor or go to Urgent Care, and there is a $50 co-payment if you go directly to the emergency room.

  • Where can I find more information?
    Specific information on the Ascension Benefits and Insurance Solutions Inc. policy that has been chosen for F-1 visa students is included in the insurance brochure which is given to students at the orientation program and is also available online (coming in July 2012). Please read the brochure carefully in order to understand which illnesses and injuries are covered and which are not; those not covered are called "exclusions". There are many terms, such as "exclusions" that are used when discussing insurance.
    Click here for answers to common questions (FAQ).
    Click here for a summary of benefits.

  • Where or how should I submit my proof of insurance coverage?
    Once you have purchased your health insurance through Ascension Benefits and Insurance Solutions, a roster of enrolled students will be updated and sent directly to the insurance coordinator, Jill Heffron, the following business day.  You will not need to provide proof of insurance enrollment yourself unless requested by a CCSF OIP staff member if you are in the academic credit program.  Intensive English Program students will need to provide proof of health insurance enrollment to the IEP coordinator, Catherine Hartman, when requested.
  • Can I purchase my own insurance?
    No other insurance policies will be accepted as a substitute for the one that CCSF requires. Insurance coverage must be purchased and renewed each semester as directed by the International Education Office. International students attending CCSF are required to purchase the medical insurance policy authorized by CCSF, unless the student has health insurance through their spouse, domestic partner, or parent's employer that is valid in the State of California and meets the college's requirements. Please come to the International Education Office (Cloud Hall 212) to ask for a "Request for Waiver for Health Insurance". Proof of benefits/coverage is required.