About the ESL Department

ESL Department Chair, Greg Keech

Greg Keech

50 Phelan Av.
San Francisco, CA 94112

office:Batmale 616
phone: 239-3003
fax: 239-3668
email: gkeech@ccsf.edu

Welcome to the English as a second Language Department at City College of San Francisco. ESL is the largest department at CCSF with over 400 course offerings and more than 230 faculty members. The department includes both credit and noncredit programs.

The Credit ESL program requires a fee and is designed for students with academic goals who wish to complete a two-year degree or vocational certificate at City College or to transfer to a four-year college or university.

The Noncredit ESL program is free of charge and is designed to help immigrant students develop their general ability to understand, speak, read and write English.

Separate from the ESL Department is the ISP - International Student Programs. The ISP requires tuition and offers an intensive academic English program for international students who want to prepare for college or university classes and obtain an F-1 student visa.

If you have general questions about the ESL Department program at CCSF, contact the Department Chair, Greg Keech, at 415-239-3003 (email: gkeech@ccsf.edu). If you have questions about the ESL program at a specific campus, contact the ESL coordinator at that campus:

Our Campuses and ESL Coordinators

Chinatown Campus 1-415-395-8633 coordinator: Jeanne Kearsley   jkearsle@ccsf.edu
Civic Center Campus 1-415-561-1880 coordinator: Ingrid Farnbach   ifarnbac@ccsf.edu
Downtown Campus 1-415-267-6524 coordinator: Christa Lewis        clewis@ccsf.edu
Evans Campus 1-415-267-6524 coordinator: Christa Lewis        clewis@ccsf.edu
John Adams Campus 1-415-561-1954 coordinator: Anna-Lisa Helmy  ahelmy@ccsf.edu
Mission Campus 1-415-920-6012 coordinator: Ingrid Farnbach         ifarnbac@ccsf.edu
Ocean Campus 1-415-239-3427 coordinator: Nicki Anne Trahan nicole.trahan@mail.ccsf.edu
Southeast Campus 1-415-267-6524 coordinator: Christa Lewis         clewis@ccsf.edu