Radiologic Sciences


Diagnostic Medical Imaging

Application Packet


1. The English Department Sequence at CCSF has changed.
      a. The DMI prerequisite for ENGL 93 is now ENGL 88A or 88.
      b. ENGL 93 will no longer be accepted after Fall 2019
      c. We strongly suggest you complete ENGL 1A prior to submitting an application.

2. The Biology Department Sequence at CCSF has changed.
      a. PHYSIO 1 or 12 is now BIO 112
      b. ANAT 25 is now BIO 108
      c. ANAT 25 and PHYSIO 1 or 12 will still be accepted if they were taken within the past 7 years from application date.
      d. ANAT 14 or BIO 106 does not meet our prerequisite and will not be accepted.

3. MATH 40, 46, & 60 or higher will be accepted to meet our math prerequisite.
      a. MATH 45 and 80 do not meet our prerequisite.
      b. Placement exams are no longer available at CCSF


Enroll in DMI 49 to learn more about the Radiologic 
Technology profession. 

This course is open to all students interested in this profession.                          

Note: DMI 49 has a pre/corequisite of HIT 50A (medical terminology 1) starting in Fall 2019

Program Overview

The Radiologic Sciences Department of City College of San Francisco offers a full-time program in Diagnostic Medical Imaging (DMI). The curricula are designed so that a student will accomplish the following two goals:

1.) Satisfy the requirements for graduation from the College with an Associate Degree in Science with a major in Diagnostic Medical Imaging.

2.) Upon program completion, the graduate will be qualified to take the national credentialing examination administered by the American Registry of Radiologic Technologists ( and upon passing receive national and state certification. Since 2006, 100% of the graduates of the Diagnostic Medical Imaging program have passed the examination on the first attempt. 

The program is accredited by the Joint Review Committee on Education in Radiologic Technology (, 20 North Wacker Drive, Suite 2850, Chicago, IL  60606-3182.

The program requires an application and a student must be accepted into the program prior to enrollment. The program has pre-requisites which must be completed before an application can be considered.  Please refer to the Information Packet above for details.

After reading the application packets found on this website, if you have further inquiries about the programs offered by the Radiologic Sciences Department at CCSF, please e-mail:

The CCSF DMI Program DOES NOT offer advanced placement to technologists from other countries.  For a list of schools that do offer advanced placement, please click here:

Schools offering advanced placement


Mission Statement, Program Goals, & Learning Outcomes

Program Effectiveness Data