Missions Statement / Philiosophy

City College of San Francisco Sports Performance Mission Statement

The City College of San Francisco Sports Science and Human Performance program is committed to the pursuit of athletic excellence.

We are accountable to provide the most comprehensive, efficient, and effective program through up-to-date and effective strength and conditioning methodology grounded in scientifically proven principles.

We recognize that strength and conditioning is part of the sports medicine continuum.  As such, there is constant communication and collarboration with the City College athletic training staff and team physicians. To the end, our paramount responsibility is promoting the reduction in athletic injury occurrence.

Our strength and conditiong program progression is based on anaylsis of scheduled testing and position/event specific demands. Attributes inventoried are body composition, flexibility, muscular strength, muscular endurance, cardiorespiratory endurance, and metabolic work rate (sport specific). In some instances (martial arts), personalized lactic acid (LA) and heart rate (HR) profiles are constructed.

We will develop, for each sport; a program designed to address its specific physical demands and the student-athlete's full physical potential.  This envolvement occurs through periodized conjugate protocols that include: work capacity, strength, power, absolute and accelerative speed, flexibility, aerobic, anaerobic, agility, and dynamic exercises.  We are also dedicated to erogenic awareness education and dietary practices.

Our Sports Science and Human Performance  resources assure that the highly skilled male and female student-athletes of City College of San Francisco benefit from a balanced, extensive, and individualized strength and conditioning exercise directive designed to ensure outcomes at the highest level of competitive physical development and promote superior athletic performance.

We will monitor team and individual progress on a daily basis in order to bring about desired outcomes specifc to every City College of San Francisco student-athlete year-round; our annual plan follows the off-seaon, pre-season, competitive season, championship season, and transitions cycles.