PE&D Instructor SLO Information

Reminder that our process for each semester is:
1) Skills Assessments of Students
2) Students take Exit Survey
3) End of Semester Loop Closure (scheduled meetings to review, analyze, revise and report on above data)


Skills Assessment Process (Mid Semester) Spring 2015:

You will continue to submit your skills data via a web form as you did last semester (do not submit an excel sheet)

Click here to view and print your course's skills assessment form. 
These are the skills that you will assess students on. 
Pick 3 skills
to assess each student on.
Do NOT record data on these forms.

Click here to view and print the hard copy form that you may use to record data on. 
This will be your work sheet.
This form closely resembles the web reporting form that you will use to submit your skills data.
This worksheet does not need to be turned in.  You should keep it for your records.
You will submit your data in step 3 below.
Use the evaluation key located on the top of the form to record student scores.

We will continue to utilize an online form reporting system (as we did last semester):

-Click here to submit data for PE courses

-Click here to submit for Dance courses



Exit Survey Process Spring 2015:


All instructors must lead their classes in partaking in the exit survey --which is now completely online.

The direct web address is:

It is REALLY quick and easy.

There are many ways to conduct this (and should be as an in-class assignment)

1) Take 5-10 minutes and physically bring your classes to the computers in room 321.

2) Have your classes take out their smart phones and take the survey in class. You should conduct this as an assignment.

3) Bring your own laptop or iPad to your class and have them utilize that.

4) Utilize the computer that may already be set up in your classroom (Weight Room and Fitness Center)

5) At home assignment that they can do on their own (have them bring you a screen shot or printout of the final page like we do in the Fitness Center) --this option is probably not the best but will work if you are on top of it.

6) or any combination of the above.

This is REQUIRED for all PE&D courses.



End of Semester Loop Closure Spring 2015:

Monday May 18.

8:00 a.m. Intercollegiate Athletics Room 323
9:00 a.m. Weight Room Instructors Room 323
10:30 a.m. Individual Sports & Theory Classes Room 323
12:00 p.m. Fitness Classes and Yoga Room 323
1:30 p.m. Dance Room 323
2:00 p.m. Aquatics Room 323


Information and data that will be needed for our meetings:


1) Under “Needed Forms” go to step 4 to download and open your Course SLO form (only one person needs to do this).

2) Under “Needed Forms” go to step 2 and locate the exit survey data that your course falls under.
It is a good idea to have a copy of the exit survey questions in front of you so you can easily reference which one’s pertain the closest to your course’s SLO’s.
Review and discuss that data. Put summaries, etc on Course SLO form.

3) Under “Needed Forms” go to step 1 and review and discuss your course’s skills assessment data (if applicable).
Review and discuss that data. Put summaries, etc on Course SLO form.

4) Save Course SLO form (note to where it is located on the computer) and then email Sean ( the updated form.


1) Course groups discuss assessment skills results as they pertain to SLO's.

2) Course groups discuss exit survey results as they pertain to SLO's. It is helpful if you have a copy of the exit survey questions in front of you so you can easily reference which one's pertain to your course. Click here for exit survey questions.

3) Course group collaboration: Revisions to process? Revisions to teaching methodology? Revisions to assessments? Revisions to SLO's?

4) Fill out Sections 3 and 4 and date on original course SLO form. 

5) Save completed form as a .doc file on computer (note directory as to where it is being saved to) and email that form --as an attachment to Sean (
This will now complete the entire SLO assessment cycle for the semester and give us revised tools to teach with for the next semester.

6) If any new courses were recently approved by the CC (especially for repeatability) a course SLO form needs to be created for these new courses too. 

Needed forms:

-It is recommended that you have all 3 of the below files open at the same time in separate windows for easy reference and navigation.
-Only one SLO course form per course should be submitted.  Multiple sections/instructors of the same course must collaborate on the above said data and process.
-You may want to print these instructions out for easy reference.

1) Skills assessment final data matrix --click here

2) Exit survey data matrix --click here

3) Exit survey questions --click here

4) Locate your course's SLO form here (after finding it, click on it and select Save as) and have one person in your group type in the data into columns 3 and 4, change the date, save as an .doc file and note to where it is being saved to. Then email that file to Sean as an attachment.