RAMS in the news

All-Conference Team Selections

2012 - Adrianna Creese, Christina Yueng

2011 - Adrianna Creese

2010 - Tiffany Lam, Barbara Coffey

2009 - Kathy Gorin, Tiffany Lam

2008 - Kathy Gorin

ITA National Final Ranking

2011- Singles

Adrianna Creese, #30

2011 - Doubles

Creese/Tan, #21

2010 - Singles

Tiffany Lam, #46

2010 -  Doubles

Coffey/Lam, #24

2009 - Singles

Kathy Gorin, #32, Tiffany Lam, #49

Notable Mentions

- Adrianna Creese named 2011 ITA Player to Watch

- 2009 team finished 5th in Norcal and 10th in State

Game Briefs

2013 Season

 Off to State!
The Rams have qualified 2 doubles teams and one singles player to the state tournament.  Elsie and Marianne were the 5 seed in doubles and made it through to the quarterfinals the qualifying round.  Shirley and Emily were the 9 seed and lost in the qualifying round to the 6 seed.  However they were the receipts of one of the wildcards.  Due to their 9 seed their body of work during the season earned them a spot.  Elsie was the 7 seed in singles.  Even though she lost before the qualifying round she will also receive a wild card due to her high seed.  Go Rams!

Coast Conference Tournament
April 11,12,13

April 12, 2013
Another early morning start and the Rams came out slow, losing all of the morning singles matches.  Allowing more time to rest before Elsie and Marianne played their quarterfinal doubles match.  Unfortunately they were out matched by the number 1 seeded team.

April 11, 2013
The rams had 4 singles played competing in the first round.  Unfortunately Marianne and Shirley succumbed in a tough three set loss.  Berlyn got through to the second round and was the lucky recipient to a default and was already through to the third and qualifying round.  Both Emily and Elsie won their second round matches and would be joining Berlyn in the third round.  The doubles got underway in the afternoon.  Berlyn and Carol won their first round and played a strong De Anza team in the qualifying round.  De Anza got the better of them.  Shirley and Emily also had a tough match vs Chabot.  They two succumbed to a stronger team.  Elsie and Marianne also played De Anza and were victorious.  After a long day of competition which began with a 6:30am van ride the rams returned home ready to do it again.


April 9th 2013 - Rams vs. Cabrillo College
 The last home match for our second year players came on a beautiful San Francisco day.  We honored Marianne Baguio, Emily Yang, and Berlyn Malao.  Perhaps the celebrations added some pressure as the Rams got off to a slow start losing two doubles matches.  It seemed they saved their best for last.  Shirley looked to redeem herself and quickly at that with a speedy singles victory.  Berlyn lost her first set but was not going to lose the match as she came back to win it in the third set.  The match was all tied up 4-4 when Carol had just spilt sets.  Again started slowly going down 0-3 in the third.  Only to roar right back and win the set 6-4 and ultimately the match.  It was a great way to finish the season and we all celebrated with cupcakes!

Rams 5 Cabrillo 4


April 5, 2013 - Rams vs. Chabot College

In the last road trip of the season the Rams traveled to Hayward to take on Chabot College.  1 and 2 doubles struggled early on while 3 doubles got out to an early lead.  Chabot got off to the early leading of 5-1.  With the final 3 matches going to third sets.  Carol Mamon was able to avenge a loss in the third set breaker.

Rams 3 Chabot 6


April 2, 2013 - Rams vs. Monterey Peninsula College

After a long ride MPC match got underway with some close doubles matches.  Number 1 and 3 doubles held strong with early leads while 2 doubles went down early.  After doubles we finished had the lead 2-1.  Singles started off with a few injuries, 5 singles for MPC had to retire at 5-5 in the first set due to an injury.  Shirley was off a quick start and didn't look back.  The Rams were able put some more space in between MPC.

Rams 7 MPC 2


March 29, 2013 - Rams vs. Mission College

Mission showed up right in the nick of time.  After a long warm up for the rams we got underway with 1,2 doubles.  Mission only brought 4 players.  After the doubles we took the doubles players out and moved everyone up again into new singles positions. Highlight of the match goes to Helen Yau for earning her first singles victory!

Rams 9 Mission College 0

March 26, 2013 - Rams vs. De Anza

Spring Break 2013 and you can catch the rams on the courts. Day 2 we hit the road to Cupertino.  Unfortunately we were missing Elsie Woo and Emily Yang due to illness.  With neither in the line up we went down.  Through adversity comes opportunity and it gave everyone a chance to play up.  This new challenge was accepted. Ready to redeem ourselves with Mission College for more spring break fun!

Rams 0 De Anza 9

March 15, 2013 - Rams vs. Foothill College

The Rams were excited to host the Owls in a rematch of the Hickey Cup.  With strong play in all the doubles.  The Rams were up on all courts.  The Rams lost at one doubles and won at two and three doubles.  Taking the doubles point, already an improvement from the last time we played.  The singles got off to fast starts with the owls winning at 1,2, and 3 singles.  The rams took 5 and 6 singles leaving the match tied at 4-4.  After a tough match against a backboard the Rams lost 5-4.  On a positive note we improved dramatically from the first match.

Rams 4 Owls 5


March 12, 2013 - Rams vs. Chabot College

Finishing out the first half of the season with a home match.  Starting right on time the Rams went down at one and two double but held strong at three doubles.  The singles started slow with the Rams going down on a few courts.  Shirley and Berlyn held strong both winning their first sets and eventually their matches.  The rest of the Rams came up a bit short.  Credit Carol for strong play in both singles and doubles.  She fought hard in the singles eventually losing in a second set tiebreak.

Rams 3 Gladiators 6


March 8, 2013 - Rams vs. Monterey Peninsula College

Another road trip in the first half of the season.  This one the longest of the season so far.  It did not get off to a great start as one player had to stay home due to an urgent medical appointment, changing both singles and doubles ladders.  To top it off I got a call ten minutes before we are scheduled to leave and another player had food poisoning.  It was going to be a long ride.  Once we had finally made it we got started right away.  One doubles looked strong.  Two doubles was in tough exchanging leads every changeover.  Three doubles had their chances early but ultimately fell.  The rams got the doubles point.  The singles were close all the way to the end.  The last match on was Berlyn at four singles and the deciding match.  She got the early jump in the third set and was victorious.  Overall a great team win.  Highlights go to Berlyn for victories in singles and doubles.  Marianne who overcame food poisoning to also win at both singles and doubles.  Finally to Helen as she participated in her first match and hanging strong in both her singles and doubles matches.

Rams 5 Lobos 4


March 5, 2013 - Rams vs. Mission College

The rams loaded up the van and headed to Mission College.  Arriving early they beat the home team to the courts.  After a long warm up they were ready for competition.  Mission only had two doubles team so Berlyn and Carol got a break.  After sweeping the doubles Emily and Shirley got a rest from the singles and moved everyone up in the singles line up. Even with the new spots the Rams handled Mission College winning at all positions.

Rams 9 Mission 0


March 1, 2013 - Rams vs. De Anza

First home match of conference and the Rams faced De Anza College.  We went down early in all three doubles, and couldn't get back into the rest of the match.  De Anza dominated in all doubles matches, and CCSF went down 0-3 to start the singles.  The singles looked promising with strong play from Elsie Woo at one singles, however she could not hold on and ended up losing in straight sets.  So far De Anza was the most difficult team we have played and look forward to the rematch in a few weeks.  The Rams have a lot of work to do in the meantime.  Next up Mission College.

Rams 0 De Anza 9


February 26, 2013 - Rams vs. Cabrillo

The Rams left early in the morning to ensure enough time to eat and warm up on the long trip to Santa Cruz.  With new doubles configurations the Rams did their best to feel it out.  Unfortunately again we were only successful at 2 doubles.  This left a lot of work ahead in the singles.  Early on the Rams were dominating all singles matches.  Rosa Kim won her first match of the year at 6 singles.  Elsie Woo had a close first set versus an experienced opponent but came up a little short and lost.  Emily and Berlyn stayed strong in both sets to win in straight sets.  With the sun setting Marianne was the last one left on court with the match all tied up at 4-4.  Her opponent had started to cramp in the second set.  With her back against the wall Marianne played strong and forced the match to continue.  In the midst of her cramping she had a chance to end it with a match point, but Marianne held strong.  Finally after about three separate bouts of cramping she retired. 

Rams 5 Cabrillo 4


February 21, 2013 - Rams vs. Foothill

The rains washed away the first day of competition so the Rams traveled to Los Altos Hills on Thursday to take on Foothill College.  Foothill is the reigning conference champs so we had our work cut out for us.  The highlight of the match was the play of number 2 doubles, Emily Yang and Shirley Zhang.  This was only the second match they had played at the number 2 spot, and boy was it exciting.  The match went back and fourth until finally they played a tie break.  In the breaker foothill took the early lead of 6-3, and had four match points.  The Rams held strong and changed ends at 6-6, fighting off the match points.  The first chance Emily and Shirley got they closed out the match.  Unfortunately that was the only point the Rams were able to get. 

Rams 1 Foothill 8



February 15, 2013 - Rams vs  Modesto Junior College

The Rams were off to a slow start in all doubles matches, going down early.  New partners Berlyn and Rosa were down 0-7 before figuring it out on the fly and got a few games back.  Marianne and Elsie stayed on track and pulled away at just the right time, winning the proset 8-6.  After the slow start the Rams went down 1-2 to start the singles.  The Rams got two quick wins with Elsie and Shirley.  With 3 matches left, the match score was all tied up 3-3.  The final 3 matches played to the wire with 2 third sets and one close second set.  The Rams fought hard but ended up losing all three positions.  This was just what they needed to get them prepared for conference play which begins on tuesday with rival foothill. 

Rams 3 Pirates 6


February 5, 2013 - Rams vs. American River College

The rams took an early lead in the doubles.  Winning all three positions.  The singles matches went nearly as smooth as the doubles winning 4 out of the 6.  Strong play from the bottom of the line up.  Shirley and new partner Emily hit their strides together winning efficiently in the doubles and singles.  Marianne and Elsie also had a solid dual effort.



2012 Season

April 17th 2012

In the last match of the season the Rams were set to face off with the Lobos of Monterey Pennisula College.  It was an overcast day in San Francisco with mist hitting my windshield on the way into campus.  However it was not sticking to the courts so we started our match.  Adrianna Creese and Christina Yeung were in tough at 1 and 2 singles.  While the rest of the Rams came out on fire.  The Rams were victrious in straight sets and 3,4 and 5 singles and recieved a default at 6 singles.  1 and 2 singles both put up a good fight but lost in straight sets.  Right as 4 singles Marianne Baguio finished her match the rains came.  This time the mist was a lot heavier and was beginning to get borderline unplayable.  Since MPC had only five we again recieved a default at 3 doubles, meaning we had won the match with 5 wins.  Since the match was already determined and they had a long drive, along with a long weekend with the conference tournament two days away we called the match.  The rams finished 6-6 in coference.

April 6th, 2012

The rams loaded up in the van for the last road trip of the regular season.  Hoping to get back to 500 the rams got into a slow start.  Kathrina went down 4-1 in her first set only to win 8 straight to get her back on track.  Jamie was off in record timing, with Emily and Marianne close behind.  Christina and Adrianna battled but were not able to pull out their singles.  After strong doubles play the rams finished 6-3. 

Rams 6 lobos 3

April 3, 2012

On the road again, headed towards Santa Clara to rumble with the Saints of Mission College.  With call me maybe blasting on the radio the Rams looked focused and ready to snap their losing streak.  Quick singles victories from Emily, Jamie, and Marianne had the Rams on the board early.  Kathrina Hoxie kept her focus and was also able to pull out s straight set victory.  Adrianna battled through a long three days of intense matches and was able to get a tough third set victory.  Strong doubles play in all three positions.

Rams 7 Saints 2

April 2, 2012

The rams traveled to Santa Cruz to take on Cabrillo College.  Enjoying the sunshine on a beautiful day, the rams started strong in all of the matches.  Three of the singles matches went three sets.  Adrianna Creese gutted out a tough match at one singles taking her opponent deep in the third set.  Marianne, no stranger to a third set also battled.  Joanna our doubles specialist has seen more singled matches as of lately.  The rams were not able to pull through enough victories for a win, however showed tremendous improvement from the first time they played. 

Rams 1 Seahawks 8

March 30th, 2012

The rams had a tough task taking on the Dons of De Anza during spring break.  Difficult because the Dons are a strong team and we were missing one of our top players, Kathrina Hoxie as she was visiting schools back east.  The rams saw strong singles play from Marianne, Jamie, Emily, and Joanna.  Unfortunately even with strong singles play the rams could on pull through one victory. 

Rams 1 Dons 8

March 22, 2012

Due to the rain, the Rams headed towards Hayward on this windy Thursday to take on the Gladiators of Chabot.  The Rams were focused and ready to battle their opponents and the elements.  Kathrina Hoxie put up the performance of the day winning back to back ten minute long numerous deuce games.  Her mental toughness in those two games carried over into a straight set victory at 3 singles against an opponent her threw the kitchen sink at her.  Marianne Baguio who battled through three grueling sets the last time she played Chabot had a strong set and bageled her opponent in the second set.  The rams took the moment into the doubles with strong two set victories at one and two doubles.  Three doubles took their time and won 7-5 in the third set.  The Rams look to continue strong play during spring break vs. Cabrillo and De Anza.

CCSF 8 Chabot 1

March 20, 2012

The Rams looked to even the score with the owls after the first match up of the Hickey Cup.  With a half a season of experience under their belt they seemed up for the challenge.  Adrianna Creese got on the board first with a strong two set victory over the Foothill number 1.  Unfortunately the rest of the Rams did not follow suit.  However giant strides were made.  Kathrina Hoxie and Marianne Baguio had one of the best sets all year, winning 13-11 in a tiebreaker.  Jamie and Joanna also had a strong performance at three doubles.  Even though the Owls took the Hickey Cup this year, the Rams have improved and put up an admirable fight.

CCSF 1 Foothill 8

March 9, 2012

The match with Mission College was a real barn burner!  Missing in action for the rams was Christina Yueng, due to injury.  Jamie, Joanna, and Emily stayed focused and had straight victories in singles.  Kathrina moved up to 2 singles and battled to three sets only to come up short.  Adrianna also battled with a three set singles match.  The rams stepped it up finishing tough in the doubles. The rams are 2-3 and look to get back to 500 by the start of the second half of conference.

CCSF 5 Mission 4

March 6, 2012

The Rams traveled to cuppertino to De Anza college on a windy Tuesday afternoon. Even with strong singles play from Adrianna, Marianne, and Jamie the rams came up short.  Kathrina and Marianne teamed up at two doubles and battled till sundown. 

CCSF 0 De Anza 9

March 2, 2012

The rams looked to rebound with a match versus Cabrillo.  Unfortunately the rams came out flat and did not get any points.  Close singles matcher were played by Adrianna Creese, Kathrina Hoxie, Marianne Baguio and Emily Yang. Adrianna and Christina teamed in doubles and challenged their opponents to three sets.  Next up the Dons of De Anza.

CCSF 0 Cabrillo 9

February 24, 2012

The rams headed south to sunny Los Altos Hills for a match up with Foothill College.  After a strong opening set from all the rams they all eventually succumbed to the heat and the strength of their opponents.  Adrianna Creese had a long three set singles match but could not muster enough for the victory.  Same went for the doubles.  The rams put up a strong fight even though the score was was 0-9, it did not tell the whole story.  The match left the rams with a lot to work on and the confidence that they can hang with the competition in the north. 

CCSF 0 Foothill 9

February 21, 2012

The rams began conference this week with a match against the gladiators of Chabot on February 21, 2012.  All preseason they had been starting matches with a pro set of doubles but the Coast conference is singles first.  A change up for the rams.   Even with changing the format they came out strong.  Returning to number one singles Adrianna Creese had a strong match at the one position. Christina Yueng, Kathrina Hoxie and Jamie Lam all returners also stayed strong with straight set victories.  The match of the day was played by freshmen Marianne Baguio, coming from behind in the first and second set and pulling through in the third.  Congrats to the rams opening conference play with a 9-0 victory over Chabot.  Next up the Hickey Cup!

CCSF 9 Chabot 0

February 17, 2012

The Rams headed to Canada College to take on Division II argonauts of NDNU. With a beautiful view on top of the hill the Rams had strong showing in doubles,with Kathrina and Marianne getting their first doubles victory.  The singles also went smoothly for those two.  Jamie Lam cruised to first victory in singles with a straight set victory.  The rams evened their season with a 6-3 victory bringing them to 1-1 for the season. 

Women's Tennis ready for the Spring 2011 Season

December 11, 2010

The Rams are looking to build on their experience from last season with sophomores Margaret Hahn and Pearl Tan.  They will lead the fresh faces into the 2011 season with experience and wisdom. Joining the squad will be former St. Ignatius standout Adriana Creese and Anna Kegulski.  Caitlin Galan of Sacred Heart Cathedral Preparatory and Kathrina Hoxie of Bishop O’Dowd will also add depth to the ram’s line up.  Susan Kouch a recent Wallenberg graduate and her friend Christina Yeung will also be hitting aces with the Rams.  Rounding out the first years will be Aviva Lavery. Coach Hickey is still working on a few more prospects before the roster is finalized.

Go Rams!

Rams on the Court

February 8, 2011

This week the rams wrapped up a busy week on and off the court.  The Pirates of Modesto Junior College earned a 6-3 victory over the Lady Rams on Tuesdays.  Earning their first victory as a collegiate doubles team was Adrianna Creese and Anna Kegulski.  Adrianna also stepped up in the singles with a strong groundstroke game.  New doubles partners Alice Giomi and Kathrina Hoxie paired up for an exciting third set victory.  After losing the first set the new duo figured out their opponents and didn’t look back.  As a young team they continue to grow each time they step on the court. 

February 11, 2011

The Rams concluded pre-season with the start of the Hickey Cup.  The Hickey cup is a series of three match up’s between CCSF and Foothill College.  Named, the Hickey Cup as Coach Hickey of CCSF takes on Coach Hickey of Foothill.  Just like Stanfordand Cal pass the Axe, the coaches will pass a cup, to be put on display for the rest of the season.  During this match up the Rams saw solid play from the bottom half of their line-up. 

Cailtlin Galang continues strong play at 5 singles for the Rams.  Sophie Gunter earned her first collegiate victory at six singles.  Jamie Lam and Christina Yueng teamed up for the first time together at 3 doubles and with a straight set victory.  Kathrina Hoxie and Sophie Gunter took the court at 2 doubles but came up short against a formidable Foothill opponent.At #1 doubles Adrianna and Anna went down early in the first set but were able to turn it around in the second only to get the match called due to lack of light.  The Rams begin coast conference play next Friday with a trip to Monterey Peninsula College.  

Rams off the court  

With the start of the season comes the important task of getting the team to mesh.  With a few days off to celebrate Chinese Lunar New Year the Rams came back for some team bonding. The team was told to meet in front of the gym and bring their running shoes.  Coach Hickey loaded them up and headed for the scenic trail run, Lands End.  The girls took to the trail and stopped for a few pictures along the way.  After the run we made a pit stop at a local favorite, Gordo’s for some burrito’s then off to the Golden Gate Park to cheer on the Lady Dons of USF take on their rival Santa Clara Bronco’s.  

The Rams finished up a busy week off the court starting on Sunday with race day Sunday.  Both Coach Hickey and Adrianna took part in the Kaiser Half Marathon. It was a great way to build endurance for future tennis matches. The long match vs. Modesto JC, earned the team a well deserved “light day,” of practice.  After an hour of drills the team took part in a kickball scrimmage.  It ended a bit early with the unfortunate incident of one of our players leaving her knees literally on the court, as she tripped on her way from second to third base.  

Thursday February 10, 2011 the Rams took part in their first fundraising efforts of the spring semester.  The team headed to HP Pavilion home of the SAP Open, which is a professional tennis tournament.  We made one pit stop, at Roxie’s Sub Center, another Ramfavorite, before the long night of fundraising.  A few accidents along the way and a missed exit or two by Coach Hickey and the Rams made it to the Pavilion, and hit the ground running literally. 

The Rams were invited by the USTA Nor-Cal branch to work the Fast Serve Booth.  With a donation of 5 dollars participants were allowed a few warm up serves and to clock their three fastest serves.  The USTA Nor-Cal provided prizes for participants as well as snacks for the Rams.  The Rams came prepared with a few extra prizes provided by the Sports Basement of coupons and gift certificates for the fast serve of the night male and female.

Pearl Tan the only returning player took charge of the Radar Gun, while Addrianna Creese, Anna Kegulski, and Aviva Lavery were in charge of bringing participants up to the booth.  Sophie Gunter used her experience of working in a movie theater in Brooklyn to take the cash and make sure all participants signed the waiver.  Jamie Lam helped out by collecting all the balls.  Each Ram did her part and after a slow start turned the night into a great success, with the Rams making just over 300 dollars.  With some down time during sets, the Rams used it to sneak into the stands and catch some professional action.  After the last rush the Rams packed up and headed into the stands to watch some more action before the late night ride home back to the bay. 

February 21, 2011

The lady Rams took advantage of a school holiday to make up a rain out from the week before.  The trip to Monterey was smooth sailing on a clear day.  When traveling to Monterey we always have to get creative because MPC only has 5 courts.  Coaches Hickey and Tran agreed to play 1 doubles and then 3,4,5,6 singles in the first round.  Adrianna Creese and Anna Kegulski paired up to a straight set victory 6-0, 6-2.  Caitlin Galang and Sophie Gunter continued with stellar play both with wins down at 5 and 6 singles.  This left the Rams up 3-2 when putting on the second round of play.  Both Adrianna and Anna won their singles in straight sets to clinch the match with 5 victories.  Christina Yeung and Jamie Lam partnered up for the first time and had success, winning a super breaker for the third set.  The nearly 4 hour match was a great way to open up conference play.  Cindy Liu also saw some action playing 7 singles and won 8-5 in a proset.  Also Cailtin and Sophie paired up four 4 doubles and won 8-5.

February 22, 2011

On the road again the rams traveled to Chabot College in Hayward.  In another marathon day of tennis the rams succumbed to a strong Chabot team 7-2.  The Rams saw strong play from Sophie Gunther at singles and doubles.  She counted for both points the rams scored this day.  Teaming up with Christina Yeung who was a last minute add as Caitlin Galang was scratched from the doubles after suffering from a leg cramp in her three hour long singles match.  Susan Kuoch also traveled to Hayward and had a three hour three set match at 7 singles.

February 25, 2011

On a day where almost all weather channels predicted snowfall in San Francisco, round two of the Hickey Cup proceeded in dry conditions.  The Rams put out a strong line up even with the absence of Sophie Gunter and Kathrina Hoxie both missing in action.  Adrianna Creese avenged a previous loss to Foothill number one Kathrine Kasprow with a 6-4 6-4 victory.  Creese was down early in both sets 4-1 and fought back and closed out strong sets.  Caitlin Galang was moved up to 4 singles and once again had a marathon match winning late in the third set 6-4.  Jamie Lam saw her first singles action moved her opponent Akiousa Grant all around the court.  Pearl Tan had to retire at 5 singles after yet another leg cramp.  She had to be scratched from the doubles.  Cindy Liu and Susan Kuoch saw some court time in the doubles.  The Rams lost 7-2 giving the Owls the cup for the 2011 season.  This was a tight match that without some injuries and missing bodies it could have gone either way.  The Rams will use a pair of double bye’s and look forward to a week of practice to fine tune our play.

March 11, 2011

With most of the athletic department traveling down south to cheer on both Men’s and Women’s basketball in the State Championships, we basked in the joy that is the rental van and headed to the south bay to take on Mission College.  I issued a challenge to the girls before we took to the courts.  If we win all of our matches today, all 9 we would stop at In and Out burger and I would buy a round of milkshakes!  A little motivation never hurt and it seemed to do the trick for the rams that day.  After each match the girls would come off the court saying only 4 more to go!  This match we tried out new doubles teams with the goal of making our team more competitive at all spots.  A 9-0 victory is a good way to close out the first half of the season.  Go Rams!

March 17, 2011

 The Rams came back home for the first home match in awhile due to rainy season and a home match was just what they needed.  Our match with MPC was a make-up from a few days earlier.  Adrianna, Anna, Caitlin, and Sophie all etched out singles victories to give the Rams a 4-2 lead heading into the doubles.  Anna and Pearl teamed up and continued to have success at two doubles clinching the victory for the rams.  Christina and Jamie finished strong at three doubles and earned another win for the rams.  The Rams finished the day with a 6-3 victory over Monterrey Peninsula College.

March 22, 2011

On an overcast day, the rams traveled to Los Altos to take on the Owls of Foothill College.  Adrianna Creese had another strong singles match, winning in straight sets.  Pearl Tan took the 6 spot hoping to redeem herself since she had to retire due to cramps the last time she played against foothill and she did winning easily.  Unfortunately those were the only two points the Rams collected that day.  Both Caitlin and Sophie had close matches at 4 and 5 singles that could have gone either way.  The rams yet again tried new doubles combinations for this away match.  Pearl and Anna did their best up at one doubles and had Pearl had a bit more mobility it would have been a close match.  Between the singles and doubles Pearl had suffered from some cramps and muscle fatigue in her calves.  Unfortunately it hindered her play in doubles.  Adrianna and Christina teamed up at two doubles for the first time in competition and held their own against a team that has competed all season long together in foothill’s number 2 doubles team.  The Rams will enjoy a mini break before coming back to compete during spring break against De Anza twice as the first match is a make-up.  Go Rams!

March 29

The Rams were over matched as they took on the top seed in the conference De Anza.  The Dons only traveled with 5, and unfortunately those were the only two points the rams earned that afternoon.  Adrianna fought and got the first set off a strong opponent in Stephanie Quan.  Stephanie stepped up her game and was able to get the next two sets.  The Rams will travel to Cupertino, home of the Don’s in two days for a re match.

April 1
The heat melted the Rams and again they could only come up with two points from the Don’s of De Anza.  Caitlin Galang looked tough in her rematch at 5 singles against Tiffany Bayer.  She was able to battle Tiffany to a third set however the heat got to her in the third sets and she came up a bit short.  The Rams lost again 7-2.

April 4

The Rams were looking to build some confidence as they took on Mission College.  Confidence they did build as the Rams swept Mission at all positions.  High light of the afternoon came from strong play of brand new doubles team of Adriana Creese and Pearl Tan.  Tan is a doubles specialist who played on the team in 2008.  The new team seemed to bond quickly and easily handled their opponents in straight sets.  Next up for the Rams is a make up match versus the Gladiators of Chabot College.

April 5

The Rams wrapped up the season with a tough loss to Chabot College.  The only point the Rams were able to grab was at three doubles.  Cailtin Galang and Sophie Gunter partnered up looking for revenge after difficult losses in singles.  After losing the first set the pair battled back and won the second set in a tie breaker.  Battling the elements as the winds swirled around ram stadium.  The third doubles team from Chabot had to retire due to and injury suffered before the match.  The Rams will compete in the Coast Conference Tournament April 14-16.  Go Rams!

April 14

With a 7 o’clock leave time Coach Hickey was hoping to depart campus at 7:15.  All of the ladies arrived right on time and after a few turn around on campus and a quick wave at the football players doing their early am work out the rams were off.  Adrianna Creese earned the third seed in the tournament with solid play throughout the year only losing to the same two players from De Anza and Chabot Colleges.  Pearl Tan and Adrianna teamed up and earned the 5 seed in doubles.  The Rams arrived early and were able to spread out on two warm-up courts.  After a quick introduction the ladies were called for their first matches.  Caitlin Galang was ready for revenged as she yet again played De Anza’s Tiffany Bayer in her first round.  Dropping the first set she kept her composure and battled back to get the second set.  Keeping pace in the third set she succumbed to Bayer’s placement.  Christina Yeung played a strong first round and advanced into the main draw.  Unfortunately she got stopped right there.  Kathrina Hoxie drew the fourth seed in the tournament playing against Katherine Kasprow from Foothill College.  She fought hard but came up a bit short in a straight set loss to the battle tested opponent.  Sophie Gunther’s opponent Anastasia Glynsteva suffers from a shoulder injury and sometimes has to serve underhand but has a strong enough game behind that serves and handled Gunther in straight sets.  Jamie Lam the 6th Ram competing in the draw lost in her play in match versus MPC.  Adrianna Creese broke the streak and won her first singles match against Mission College.  Doubles was an uphill battle for the Rams as all three doubles teams went down in straight sets.  Because Tan and Creese earned a high seed and got bumped out of the doubles draw early they will earn and wild card entry into the Regional tournament.  Creese is in action tomorrow for the singles to qualify.

April 15

Adrianna Creese was the only Ram to return for day two for action.  Arriving at the same time as the Owl’s of foothill both teams took to the courts together for a warm-up.  Normally teams keep warm ups between themselves, however at this point in the season friendships are formed and the owls had an odd player out and the lonely ram hit the court together.  Adrianna handled Foothill’s Downtown Jackie Brown and qualified for the Regional Tournament in singles.  The next round is yet again versus foothill, this time taking on the 7 seed Denise Chong.  Adrianna kept her composure in a few games long deuce games and beat Denise 6-4, 6-4.  Next up for Adrianna the singles semifinals versus the number 1 seed.

April 16

After two long days of tennis Adrianna played some great points but came up short in the semifinals.  Next up the Regional tournament in Fresno California.