Licensed Vocational Nursing

Students Graduated in Fall 2010

Program Overview

Since its founding in 1948 the Licensed Vocational Nurse Department has been dedicated to Vocational Nurse Education, later Nurse Assistant/Home Health Aid Education, and Refresher program. Faculty is constantly exploring more creative and innovative measures to assure the quality of education, while being faithful to its basic principles. In an effort to conceptualize its reason for being the department developed the following mission statement.

Mission Statement

The City College of San Francisco's Licensed Vocational Nursing Department provides curricula that prepare students for State License in Vocational Nursing; State Certificate in Nurse Assistant/Home Health Aide; and offers short-term training programs in Geriatric Home Aide, Care of Clients with Alzheimer's, Care of Clients with AIDs, and Care of the Developmentally Disabled.




Currently the City & County of San Francisco has issued a Shelter-In-Place order.  Due to this, all campus locations remain closed and courses are taught online, until further notice.

* No additional Orientation dates will be scheduled for the Fall semester. Please check back September 1st to find the Spring 2021 LVN and CNA flyers and discover when the mandatory LVN and CNA program orientations will be.


PLEASE review the LVN or CNA Flyers for answers before contacting.

* If you have additional questions, you can email the program clerk.  

but PLEASE review the LVN or CNA Flyer for answers before contacting.


4/21/2020 Entry:

*If you are  starting the LVN program in the Fall of 2020 or you will be applying for the Spring of 2021, you must enroll in the following online Summer classes(or equivalent at another college) if you have not already completed these prerequisites.


Nutrition prerequisite:

-crn 53650  - Bio 134    Nutrition for Health Sciences

or  -crn 53796  - Bio 134    Nutrition for Health Sciences


Growth & Development Prerequisite:

-crn 52341  - Psych 21  Lifespan Development

or  -crn 53782  - Cdev 53   Child Growth & Development


English Prerequisite:

English 1A or equivalent.

When the above courses at CCSF are no longer accepting students, you will have to look for equivalent courses at other colleges/universities.



A few students who are interested in the LVN program have been asking for help to find a summer Pharmacology class that satisfies the prerequisite Pharmacology course.

I will list the only summer Pharmacology courses that I have found and can recommend this summer:

Summer Reg code listed: 71038 HEOC-101 Pharmacology Napa Valley College
Summer Reg code listed: 73597 HEOC-101 Pharmacology Napa Valley College