Community Leadership Training Digital Story

Linking Learning and Action

Community Leadership Training (CLT) is a project of the HIV/STI Prevention Studies Office and Project SAFE, our peer education component. This is one of the projects that directly links learning & action. CLT is a continuation of our ongoing dual mission to provide quality education and training, and innovative HIV/STI prevention programming for the entire CCSF campus community.

CLT’s goal is to involve students directly in the planning and implementation of HIV/STI prevention programming at CCSF.

CLT is made up of students in collaboration with faculty and staff to develop programs and actions that are based on a social justice framework that incorporates both action and reflective evaluation.

Elements of the project include leadership development, group facilitation, collaborative decision-making, program planning and implementation with a focus on community assessment, formative and outcome evaluation, and current HIV prevention policy.

Students who join CLT make a commitment for one full academic year from the beginning of fall through the end of the spring semester. Lab Aide pay is available (for those meeting eligibility requirements) or Independent Study credit from the Health Education Department.

More importantly, CLT is designed to recognize, support, and build on the existing leadership, creativity, talent, compassion, and commitment of CCSF Project SAFE students.

Some of CLT’s accomplishments so far include:

*Partnership with CCSF Graphic Communication students in the development of a week long summer course for Mission High School students called “Designing Community Health”

*“Talking Wall” installation on the Ocean campus in partnership with Asian Pacific Islander (API) Wellness Center focusing on the voices and experiences of gay API men.

*Design and exhibition of a series of posters for Black History Month about HIV in the African American community, in collaboration with Because Black is Still Beautiful, a community based organization started by a former CCSF Project SAFE student and Graphic Communication students.

*Design and installation of “END OPPRESSION END HIV”, a campaign of 400 posters on the Ocean campus in collaboration with the Graphic Communication students, developed to initiate critical thinking discussions about the connections between social oppression and HIV.

*Production of digital stories focusing on Transgender awareness and Community building at CCSF (see Gender Diversity Project)

*Outreach to SF County Jail and San Bruno County Jail to promote CCSF education as an alternative to incarceration

*Creation and distribution of "Healthy Food on CCSF campus" poster campaign

Healthy Food Poster 1: People eating various healthy food items with slogan "Boost Your Mood, eat healthy food"
Healthy Food Poster 2: Nutritional Fact Design with info about healthy places to eat on campus with slogan "Boost Your Mood, eat healthy food"
Healthy Food Poster 3: Pac Man Map of CCSF with slogan Boost Your Mood, eat healthy food"

*Spring and Fall 2012 Projects: Creation and distribution of social marketing poster campaign addressing HIV prevention messages

CLT Poster 1: 96 percent HIV Awareness Poster
CLT Poster 2: Know Your Status HIV Awareness Poster
CLT Poster 3: Take The Lead Demand Treatment Access for All Poster