Consumer Education

Health Education

Program Overview

"Consumer Education - Health & Nutrition” Courses, Non-credit 

Weekly no-cost, non-credit courses covering topics on nutrition and health, consumer issues, physical activity, food preparation, and personal safety are offered at 30+ sites throughout the City, outreaching to older adults.

Please refer to CCSF’s online schedule for class times and locations. 

Nutrition Assistant Program 

Every Fall semester the Health Education Department offers the Nutrition Assistant Program, a two-semester certificate program designed to develop competency in the delivery of nutrition-related services. The program consists of 15 units of course work and 2 units of field experience.

Study in the Nutrition Assistant Program will:

  • Prepare students for entry-level employment in public health settings and hospitals through an integrated curriculum of course work and field experience.
  • Introduce students to careers in nutrition and health.
  • Provide students with hands-on experience to acquire marketable, job-specific skills.
  • Enable students to earn college credits to apply toward an associate or baccalaureate degree program.