Paramedic Program Information

*NEW! Paramedic Program Information Meetings:
October 17th (Monday): 2 pm
October 19th (Wednesday): 7 pm
November 7th ((Monday): 4 pm
December 1st (Thursday): 2 pm 
To apply for Fall 2017, you must attend ONE information meeting. Two other dates will be posted in Spring 2017. 

The paramedic program at CCSF provides didactic instruction, clinical experience and field internships to assist students in developing the theoretical and technical skills consistent with the goals and objectives of the 2009 National EMS Education Standards and the 1999 U.S. Department of Transportation National Standard Curriculum for the Paramedic. The program takes approximately 18 months to complete and consists of over 700 hours of didactic instruction, at least 160 hours of clinical hospital internship and at least 480 hours of field internship. This program complies with the regulations set forth in the California code of regulations (CCR), Division 9, Title 22, Chapter 4 and the Standards and Guidelines of the Committee on Accreditation of Educational Programs for the Emergency Medical Services Profession (CoAEMSP accreditation number 600218). Upon successful completion of the CCSF Paramedic Program, students will receive a course completion certificate and be eligible to take the National Registry Advanced Level Examination and apply for California State licensure as a Paramedic.


Programs Offered


(NOTE: EMT 104 and EMTP 120 will be offered in both Spring and Fall semesters and open for students who have already completed EMT 100 or an equivalent EMT basic program. Proof of EMT course completion will be required on the first day of class.)

SPRING/FALL every year: Prerequisite courses

EMTP 120: Human Systems and Patient Assessment
EMT 104: Advanced Skills for EMS Providers 



EMTP 121: Introduction to EMS
EMTP 122: Pharmacology and Ventilatory Management
EMTP 123: Trauma Emergencies
EMTP 124: Trauma certification
EMTP 125: Cardiorespiratory Emergencies


EMTP 126: Neuroendocrine Emergencies
EMTP 127: Medical Emergencies
EMTP 128: OB, GYN & Pediatric Emergencies
EMTP 129: Special Populations, EMS Operations


EMTP 130: Clinical and Field Internship