Site Glossary

TAB: Transfer Articulation Bridge - an agreement between San Francisco State University and CCSF to provide SFSU courses at CCSF. Current SFSU courses offered at CCSF include: ISED 585, ED 600, ISED 201. Students are encouraged to enroll in these courses while at CCSF.

CAD: Child & Adolescent Development Program at SFSU. Currently provides SFSU CAD courses at a reduced price on the CCSF campus, including CAD 300.

CLAD: Cross - Cultural Language and Academic Development Credential The CLAD foreign language requirement may be met in a number of ways, including 2 semesters (6 units) of the same foreign language in college, 3 years of same high school language, foreign language competency, etc. Contact a credential office for further details.

BCLAD: Bilingual Cross - Cultural Language and Academic Development Credential. Bilingual language competency can be assessed in a number of ways. Contact a credential office for details.

CSET: Multiple Subjects Test / California Subject Examination for Teachers

CBEST : California Basic Education Skills Test - recommended to be taken while at CCSF

CTC: Commission on Teacher Credentialing

RICA: Reading Instruction Competency Assessment

CSU: California State University

UC: University of California CTE Career Technical Education (formerly know in California as Vocational Education)