Japanese Language Placement Advisory Test

Current Enrollment

These courses have NO prerequisites. JAPA 1, 1A, 10A, 10B, 10C, 10D, 16. 

For all other courses, a Prerequisite Challenge form must be emailed to the Coordinator, Isabelle Motamedi, by Thursday, January 25, 2018 at 10:00 a.m. or you will dropped from the course.  

How do I challenge the prerequisite?  Choose one of two easy options:  

1.  Transcript.  Email a copy of transcripts (unofficial is ok) reflecting your foreign language experience, along with a copy of the catalog description of the course/s (available online), together with the completed Prerequisite Challenge Form, to imotamed@ccsf.edu  OR

2.  Placement Test.  Take a placement test, save the results and email them, along with a completed Prerequisite Challenge Form, to imotamed@ccsf.edu  See below for instructions to take the placement test. 

 Take Placement Test


  1. Obtain a Scantron form from the Foreign Languages Department office in Arts-202 (9 am-3:30 p.m., M-Friday) or from your instructor on the first day of the class. 
  2. Click here to go straight to the Japanese Placement Test (will open in a new window).
  3. Mark your answers on the Scantron.
  4. Give the Scantron to your instructor.  
  5. Contact Dr. Inomata (kinomata@ccsf.edu) to find out your results and follow the directions in 2. above.

Japanese Placement Advisor: If your test results do not place you definitively, and if you need advice for which course to take based on test results, please contact the Japanese Placement Advisor: Dr. Kimiyoshi Inomata (kinomata@ccsf.edu).