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The CCSF Language Lab Requirement

For Students

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Most of our classes have a language lab requirement; one additional hour per week for both 3 and 5-unit courses.

This  lab requirement can be met by accessing our online lab, through CCSF's course management system. Currently CCSF is moving from using Insight (powered by Moodle) to using Canvas. Please check with your instructor to find out which system is being used.

This online lab (MyLanguageLab) and the activities provided by your instructor create a space through which you will interact with your instructor and classmates.

Photo by Walter Parenteau: Creative Commons License

Canvas Users


Insight Users until May 26, 2017

Log in to Insight here:

Your instructors are experts in their discipline. However, you can find experts to help you with the technical aspects of the lab at the Language Center (Rosenberg Library, room 403) and at the Online Course Center: .

Much more information can be found at the Language Center (R-403) and on the Language Center website:

You can find helpful handouts and an introductory video from the Ed Tech Department here:

For Faculty

SPRING 2017 ALERT! The college has chosen Canvas as its new learning management system. We have been given permission to use Insight for one more semester- Spring 2017.

Please watch for emails from Ed Tech concerning both online and in-person Canvas training.

Canvas Training and Information

  1. Latest information about Canvas training, migration from Insight (Moodle), the timeline, how to transfer your information to the new system, and more:
  2. Getting Started with Canvas handout
  3. Import the LangLab Template to your Canvas Course
  4. Canvas Instructor Guides

Most of the college will be on Canvas during Spring 2017. The FL Dept may use Insight one more semester. Spring 2017 will be our last semester on Insight. You must make a request to use Insight in Spring 2017 (link below).

Insight information

For those wishing to use Insight in Spring 2017

For Spring 2017, FL instructors may teach in Insight (everyone else is moving to Canvas). If you have taught in Insight and wish to do so one more semester, please fill out the Google Form here:

Request to Teach on Insight Spring 2017  or

Insight Resources - Faculty

These resources are to help with the most frequently asked questions concering your Insight lab shell. For answers to your other questions, fill out a Faculty Help Ticket:

(1) Your course shell is empty. Follow the instructions on the "import content" handout to roll over content from a previous semester or the MyLanguageLab template. You may also watch Nathan's video:

(2) Your students can't see your Insight course. You can see it in MyCourses, but it is grey, not red. Follow these instructions to show your course so it is available to students.

(3) Because there is a new version of Insight (summer 2015, Moodle 2.7) we need to enable the checkboxes so student posts and replies are accounted for automatically. Please follow these instructions.

(4) Will a Lab Monitor or another teacher of your language be assisting you with your online lab component? Follow these instructions to add them to your course. 

(5) When you log in to your course you see that the number of weeks is incorrect. Follow these instructions to reset the number of weeks for the coming semester.

(6) Use the Whiteboard in an Insight Forum: This handout shows you how to use the "whiteboard" in an Insight Forum. Whiteboard instructions

(7) Here is the handout from our trainings in Spring and Fall 2014. Includes basic info and teh 5 essential tasks of using the online lab component.  Note: screenshots are from a previous version of Insight. See the updated handouts above for more current information.