School of English, World Languages & Cultures, Communication Studies

School of English and Foreign




The Mission of City College of San Francisco is to provide educational programs and services that promote successful learning and student achievement to meet the needs of our diverse community.  To this end, the School of English, World Languages & Cultures, Communication Studies provides the following:

  •    Courses toward transfer to baccalaureate institutions
  •    Achievement of Associate Degrees in Arts
  •    Certificates and career skills needed for workplace success
  •    Basic Skills English courses  

We strive to be an integral part of a teaching/learning community, an inclusive community, and a diverse community.



English Department

The English Department offers students pre-collegiate and college-level (AA degree and transfer) courses and services in essential basic skills, reading, composition, literature, critical thinking, and Humanities. 

We pride ourselves on fostering superior academic programs that promote critical and creative thinking in a supportive environment. We understand that the skills we teach are crucial to achieving overall college and life success.  As part of our mission, instructors address cross-curricular issues and ideas in accessible, “inquiry-driven” and theme-based courses.       

In 2007, the state approved CCSF’s first AA degree in English. The establishment of an English Major is a powerful tool in serving the academic goals of students transferring to four-year institutions as English Majors.  In addition to offering an AA degree in English, we have a series of regularly offered elective courses designed to fulfill requirements at our major transfer destinations.  Our student-run CCSF Literature club flourishes, sponsoring a well-attended faculty and student lecture series that has stimulated student interest in these electives.

Along with very strong, traditional developmental English course offerings, our intensive-accelerated English courses are designed to increase our students’ chances for a successful transition into transfer-level courses. They are taught in conjunction with key student support services such as the English Lab (Rosenberg Library, R-205), which offers reading/writing groups, tutoring, focused workshops, and much more.


World Languages & Cultures Department

The World Languages & Cultures Department offers credit-course  instruction in:

  • American Sign Language
  • Cantonese
  • French
  • German
  • Italian
  • Japanese
  • Mandarin
  • Pilipino
  • Russian
  • Spanish   

The World Languages & Cultures Department is one of the largest language programs of its kind in the state and the country. Our classes focus on reading, writing, grammar, and conversational skills with a strong cultural component.  We offer elementary online classes in French and Italian. Course levels are offered in both intensive single semester modes and two- semester sequences that provide students more time to master each level. Classroom instruction is supplemented by laboratory activities.  All our courses are transferable to CSU and most to UC, and fulfill IGETC requirements for transfer.

The demand for World language instruction is unusually high in the College’s service area, and the CCSF World Language programs are among the largest and most developed among community colleges in California. The full range of languages is offered at the Ocean  campus, with selected courses at the Downtown, Mission, and Chinatown/North Beach Centers, as well as the John Adams campus.  The College also has a Study Abroad program working with the World Languages & Cultures Department.  Language clubs provide complementary services: for example, the French Club sponsors numerous activities including museum visits, theater outings, and film presentations.