Where To Start?

Class Registration

How do I register for classes?

First thing's first - enroll in the college! If you are new to the college, or have been away for a few semesters, fill out an application here.

Check your official CCSF email for notice of your registration appointment. You can go to Web4 to register for classes on that day or any time after. The Class Schedule is where you can find all the courses available.

You can also get an overview of all courses and programs offered here in the CCSF Catalog.


What if the class is full?

  • Check the class in Web4 often in case someone has dropped and there may be room in the class or the waitlist.
  • Attend the class on the first day of the semester, on time and prepared to participate. Instructors will let students know if they want to add, they will be given an add code.
  • Check the class schedule as there my be another section of the same course.

All these can increase the chances of getting into the class, but we cannot guarantee a spot for you. If you are not able to get into the class you want, try again next semester. We are scheduling our classes so that they occur at different times each semester to accommodate all of our students.

*Tip: Every student is issued an Official CCSF email address. (Looks like this - studentx@mail.ccsf.edu) Forward all the messages to an email address that you frequently check. Unless you have specified your primary email address, on Web4, official emails from the school may get lost in the shuffle.

*Department Policies

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