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Founded in 1936,  Culinary Arts & Hospitality Studies, formerly known as the Hotel and Restaurant Department is the first two year hospitality program in the country and the first program emphasizing the culinary arts!

Our commitment to the cullinary and hospitality industry is long standing and filled with dedication.

What We Need!

The Culinary Arts & Hospitality Studies department is seeking help from the community.  The following is a list of needs the department is currently fundraising for.

  • Save Classes
    • We can use money to save classes that would be cut from the schedule due to monetary constraints. 
  • Remodel Statler Wing 14 Lecture Hall
    • Our large lecture hall – SW14 – is in desperate need of remodeling for technological upgrades as well as replacing outdated furniture, stoves and other environmental requirements to ensure students get the best experience in the classroom.
  • Supplies, Library Materials and Equipment
    • We can use money to augment our yearly supplies and equipment budget, so that we can maintain the high level of education that students receive through our program.
    • The Alice Statler Library is a specialized library dedicated to culinary arts and hospitality studies. Its budget has diminished in recent years. Funds earmarked for books and DVDs are always welcome.
  • Create Student Opportunities
    • We would like to provide more internships, research opportunities, mentoring, scholarships, and sponsored lectures or field trips for students that are participating in our majors, 5 Star club,  and supplemental instruction.

Donate Online

Donations can be made directly to the CAHS department online via the Foundation of City  College of San Francisco.

Simply fill out the form and direct your donation to the Culinary Arts & Hospitality department in the pull-down menu.


San Francisco Community College District is a qualified Institution of Higher Education.
Your donation is tax deductible under IRS code section 170(c) and Tax PayerID 94 1721925