Culinary & Service Skills Training

This is a two semester non-credit program that provides short-term culinary skills and service skills training for entry into the labor market. The curriculum includes introductory culinary skills and dining room service, as well as basic education and vocational English language skills. Classes are taught in our state of the art restaurant, the Educated Palate.

The Educated Palate Restaurant

The Educated PalateThe Educated Palate Restaurant

The Educated Palate is the showcase for the skills students develop in the CSST Program. Student participate in a hands on teaching program as they learn to operate the dining room and kitchen, in addition to the bakery. Open to the public Monday through Thursday 11:30 to 1:30 pm and Friday's 11:30 to 1:00 pm, the restaurant provides a bright, elegant and intimate dining space, with floor-to-ceiling windows and seating for 50.

Situated in one of San Francisco’s most visible and busiest neighborhoods, the restaurant is accessible to over 18 million pedestrians each year.

Make the “Educated” decision to enroll now and study in this beautiful, exciting environment. For more information see the course descriptions below.

For the Spring 2019 semester, the Educated Palate will be open for service from Wednesday, February 6th to Thursday, May 9th.

For a list of significant dates and closures for Spring 2019, please click the link below: Spring 2019 Significant and Closed Dates.

If you are interested in enrolling this Fall, classes began on August 20th. To enroll, speak with a counselor. If you have questions, please email:

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Food Technology & Dining Services

The Food Technology and Dining Services noncredit program provides Intensive hands on training in the skills necessary for entry-level kitchen and dining room positions in restaurants and hotels. The certificate requires 1020 hours of hands-on instruction over two semesters. Classes run Monday through Friday, six hours per day. Regular attendance is required. Students learn to perform all positions required to serve fine food in the dining room and in the kitchen.

  • CSST 9660 Food Technology & Dining (510 Hrs.)
    This is the first course of a two semester sequence. The course provides students with the basic skills required for entry-level work in professional restaurant service and operations. The curriculum includes lectures and readings on a variety of culinary topics; guest speakers; and intensive, hands-on food service training in the Educated Palate Restaurant.
  • CSST 9661 Food Preparation & Dining (510 Hrs.)
    This is the second course of a two semester sequence leading to a certificate in Food Technology and Dining Services. The course provides students with the basic skills required for entry-level work in professional kitchens. The curriculum includes intensive hands-on training providing food for the Educated Palate Restaurant, demonstrations, readings and lectures on a variety of culinary topics.

Baking and Pastry

The Baking and Pastry Certificate non credit program has been designed to prepare you for an entry level job in a bakery, restaurant or hotel.  We offer a broad curriculum that we constantly update to keep current with recent trends in the industry.

Our classes are almost entirely hands-on and the products we make are served in the student run restaurant and an adjoining coffee shop.  This allows us to offer the kinds of professional experiences that are the best preparation for the job market.

The Culinary Arts and Hospitality Studies program at City College is one of the oldest in the country and is very well known in the industry.  We have graduated many students who have gone on to successful careers in food service.

  • CSST 9650 Introduction to Baking and Pastry (510 Hrs.)
    Students develop the skills necessary for an entry-level position in the baking and pastry industry.  By the end of the semester, you will learn: Laminated doughs such as croissants and danishes; pies and tarts; breads and rolls; baking, icing and decorating cakes; dessert presentation.
  • CSST 9651 Advanced Baking & Pastry (510 Hrs.)
    Students will develop and improve upon the skills and techniques learned in the introductory course, with additional topics, including: meringues, petit-fours and miniatures; mousses and bavarians; frozen desserts; chocolate and candy; fancy and display cakes; yeast-raised products using preferments; hydrocolloids; baker's math; troubleshooting.


Rhea Dellimore

Rhea DellimoreChef / Management Instructor
Chef Dellimore graduated from the University of California at Berkeley with a degree in Civil Engineering. After working as an engineer for eight years she decided to follow her passion and enter the culinary field. Since graduating from CCSF's Culinary Arts and Hospitality Studies department, Chef Dellimore has worked the gamut of cooking, management, and event planning positions in a variety of restaurants and catering companies such as Aqua, Oliveto, Riva Cucina, Adagia, and Bancroft Catering.   After leaving fine dining, Chef Dellimore started her own company focusing on catering for private and corporate events, consulting for kitchen systems and organization, meal preparation and delivery, and cooking classes.  Chef Dellimore also ran pop-ups featuring her native Caribbean Cuisine. Chef Dellimore has been teaching both culinary and management classes and designing curriculum in the CAHS department since 2010.

Elizabeth Riehle

Elizabeth Riehle
Pastry Chef, Downtown Campus
Chef Riehle came to teaching after twenty-five years of baking and pastry experience in restaurants, hotels and bakeries, including time as a Pastry Chef at the Hyatt Regency San Francisco.  Dedicated to providing the best instruction possible, she holds a teaching credential in Adult Education.  She also developed the initial curriculum for The Bread Project, a non-profit baking and pastry job-training program in Berkeley, and was the lead instructor for that program.  She remains committed to staying current in the baking and pastry field, most recently studying chocolate and sugar with Ewald Notter at his school in Orlando.  Chef Riehle has been an instructor at City College since 2006.

Rhea Dellimore

Roderic RidgwayHospitality Management Instructor
Roderic Ridgway graduated from UC Berkeley with a History major, after transfering there from CCSF. While a student, he worked many Front of House positions, primarily at Chez Panisse. After graduating from Cal, he went on to become a high school English and History teacher for 15 years. Throughout those years, Mr. Ridgway worked summers, winters, and occasionally weekends as a server, bartender, host, and assistant manager, developing a love for food and wine, education, and impecable service. In 2010, he took a hiatus from teaching to become the GM of whole wheat pasta startup, Mara's Pasta. Mr. Ridgway joined the faculty of the Culinary and Service Skills Training program in the Fall of 2015. 

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