photo of culinary students


Welcome to our classroom

The student chefs of the Culinary Arts & Hospitality department:
create, prepare, cook and serve ALL of the food produced in the Main Cafeteria and  our Quick Service restaurant, the Latin Quarter. These are our hands-on labs to practice what we learn in the classroom.

In an effort to expose our students to different cultural & ethnic food styles, the Quick Service space, our lab, will regularly reinvent itself. The Quick Service setting prepares students in the operational challenges that are associated with this type of restaurant. It is an entirely student run venue from front of the house to the back of the house.

The cafeteria, also student operated, offers the opportunity to experience a large scale production kitchen facility.  In both facilities students rotate jobs on a weekly basis. Job assignments such as, Manager, cashier, server, line cook, expediter, and nutrition analyst give our students a full flavored palate of experience in a real world setting within the structure of a classroom setting.

Here’s a breakdown of who’s doing what:

1st Semester    Pastries, Desserts, Breakfast Specials, Salads, Sandwiches,

       Students     Night Lab Dinner 

2nd Semester   Entrees of Meat, Fowl, Fish, Pasta, Starch & Veggie sides


3rd Semester  * All Cook-to-Order food stations and service line position

       Students       in the Cafeteria.

                           * Fully and independently operate our “experimental”

                              morphing Quick Service Restaurant.    


Ocean Campus


The student Cafteria is run entirely by students of the CAHS program. The  overhead flags represent the vast ethnic diversity of our Campus. This diversity is also reflected in the wide array of foods we produce each day.

cahs cafeteria


Cafe Med

Run by the Culinary Students, Café Med serves Mediterranean cuisine offering a variety of dishes ranging from Italian and Spanish to Grecian and Turkish and more. Café Med is located next to the Cafeteria in Smith Hall and is open for lunch service.

students working at the latin quarter


Pierre Coste Dining Room

This fine dining establishment is run by Culinary Arts and Hospitality Management students and located in the Statler Wing on the Ocean Campus.

pierre coste dining room