Business Department Chair

Leo Bello

Leo Bello
City College of San Francisco
50 Phelan Avenue
San Francisco, CA 94112

Office: Cloud Hall 105
Phone: (415) 452-4811


Business Coordinators by Program

Accounting Program Coordinator - Dan Johnson

Admin Asst, Office Tech, Computer Applications (Credit) Coord. - Gina Hector

Center for Entrepreneurs and Innovations Program Lead -
Vivian Faustino-Pulliam

Credit Scheduling Coordinator
- Deborah Kitchin
Finance Program Coordinator - Mario Yrun
General Business Program Coordinator - Susan Berston

Green and Sustainable Business Coordinator - Scott Mandeville

International Business Coordinator - Dennis Mullen

Marketing Program Coordinator - Marilyn Goodman

Paralegal /Legal Studies Program Coordinator - Dora Dye
Real Estate Education Center Coordinator - Carol Jensen
Real Estate Program Coordinator - Leo Bello
Retail Management Coordinator - TBA

Supervision and Management Coordinator - Mia Rusali
Small Business Program (Non-Credit) Coordinator - Robin Pugh

Travel and Tourism - Joanne Derrick
Work Experience - Deborah Kitchin

Business Center Coordinators

Chinatown Center Business Program - Shuk-Han Lau
Downtown Center Business Program - Robin Pugh
John Adams Center Business Program - Stephanie C Rosenberg
Mission Center Business Program - Allen Fung


Business Faculty and Staff