Mabuhay* to Philippine Studies!! 

Study Philippine Culture

Philippine Flag

Learn About …

  • Contemporary topics in the Philippine community
  • Philippine culture and society
  • Philippine history
  • Philippine humanities including music, art, literature & dance
  • People of different colors

Philippine Peso

Also learn to …

  • Appreciate the contributions of Filipino Americans and their culture
  • Understand American history through the eyes of Filipino Americans
  • Appreciate cultural diversity
  • Satisfy transfer and graduation requirements in many areas

Our Mission

In all our work, we ...

  • Aim to provide awareness and education on Philippine and Filipino-American history, culture and society.
  • Offer courses that make students aware of the Filipino ethnic identity through varied cultural experiences.
  • Help students understand other cultures and promotes appreciation of cultural diversity.
  • Strive to help students fulfill transfer and graduation requirements.
  • Promote intercultural studies between students in the Philippines and Filipino Americans through student internship and scholarship grants.
  • Satisfy transfer and graduation requirements at CSU, UC, and other educational institutions.



* Mabuhay means Welcome in Pilipino