Labor & Community Studies

Bill Shields, Chair
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Degree Curriculum

The curriculum in Labor Studies is a two-year program designed to give students a sound foundation in the theory and practice of labor and industrial relations. This course of study will provide members of San Francisco labor unions and other interested individuals with a comprehensive introduction to the role and contributions of organized labor to American society; a thorough grounding in the rights of employees on the job; and a specialized training in the skills necessary to be an effective practitioner in the field of labor and industrial relations.

Students who satisfy the requirements for graduation from the College and complete the required Labor Studies courses with the average grade of C (2.00 grade-point average) or higher receive the degree of Associate in Science in Labor Studies.

See Labor and Communities Studies under the CCSF Catalog for more information.

Course of Study

The course of study includes instruction in the following:

  • Labor history
  • Labor and politics
  • Labor law
  • Labor economics
  • Labor relations and collective bargaining
  • Pension, health and welfare issues
  • Grievance handling and arbitration
  • Women's employment issues
  • Health and safety in the workplace
  • Employment discrimination
  • Steward training
  • Contemporary labor issues
  • Communications for labor leaders

Electives have been recommended to strengthen students' knowledge and skills in selected areas, to guide students in selecting courses to fulfill the requirements for graduation from the College, and to aid students considering further education at a branch of the California State University and Colleges or the University of California.



Diversity Collaborative Graduations Spring 2017

  • IDST/LALS/LBCS/LGBT/WMST Graduation Celebration

    Please join several CCSF Diversity Departments in celebration of our certificate completers, scholarship recipients, and degree completers, along with the family and friends and faculty who support them!

    DATE:  Thursday, May 25, 2017
    TIME: 5:00PM - 8:00PM
    PLACE: Smith Hall (cafeteria)

    Critical Middle East Studies
    Critical Pacific Island Studies
    Design Collaborative
    Diversity and Social Justice
    Latin American and Latino Studies
    Labor and Community Studies
    Lesbian Gay Bi and Trans Studies
    Project Survive
    Sexual Health Educator
    Trauma Prevention and Recovery
    Women's Studies

    Refreshments served ! Bring family and friends!


The faculty consists of labor scholars and labor practitioners with experience working for San Francisco unions and governmental agencies.

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Those who complete the Associate of Arts curriculum satisfactorily are qualified for employment with labor organizations and governmental agencies. Labor Studies graduates hold staff positions with unions as negotiators, field representatives, organizers, and also work in union research, education, and legislative departments. Local, state, and federal agencies also employ labor relations graduates.