Deconstructing the Human Condition

Welcome to Sociology. In its broadest sense, sociology is the study of human groups and social organizations. Sociologists collect, analyze, and interpret evidence to enrich our understanding of the human condition.

The Sociology Department at City College of San Francisco offers extraordinary ways of looking at the way you and others live, work, and socialize in groups and organizations. You will have the unique opportunity to study a full range of social interaction, from individual social expression to revolutionary social movement; from the evolution of organized and stable religious groups to the formation of cults. And you’ll look at the changing forms of “community” as urban and rural life continue to rapidly evolve. As you study economic systems, technology, culture, religion, gender, and social in equality, we’ll help you make the link between individual action and larger social processes.

Sociology Course Schedule

Sociology Faculty

Alvarado-Strasser, Elena Full-Time Instructor SOC 1, 35

Ancheta, Rebecca Full-Time Instructor, B.A., University of California, Santa Barbara, Ph.D., University of California, San Francisco. Research Interests: gender, health, and occupations. Her current research focuses on girls’ experiences in Techbridge, an after school science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) program for girls in the Oakland Unified School District. Courses Taught: SOC 1, 2, PSYC 2. Professional Activities: Published research, evaluation research, Affiliated Scholar at Stanford University Institute for Research on Women and Gender (2001-05), taught Research Methods in Sociology at San Francisco State and CSU Hayward, presented research papers at multiple professional meetings

Barker, Blayke Adjunct Instructor SOC 1 Introduction to Sociology.  M.A., Sociology and Black Studies, University of California, Santa Barbara

Block, Angela Adjunct Instructor, B.S., University of Santa Clara; M.A., California State University, Hayward. Research Interests: Social inequality, deviance, globalization, gender and sexualities. Courses Taught: online SOC 1, 3, 35. Professional Activities: Pacific Sociological Association member; American Sociological Association member

Coates, Ramona Adjunct Instructor in Sociology and Psychology, A.A. New Mexico Military Institute, B.A., University of California, at Irvine, M.A., California State University, at Fullerton, Ph.D. Sociology, Wayne State University. 

Kolber, Jesse Full-Time Instructor, Courses Taught SOC1 Inroduction to Sociology

Murajda, Tricia Adjunct Instructor, B.A Sociology, B.A. Political Science, Marshall University, M.A., Sociology, University of Pittsburgh, M.A., Certification of Women Studies, University of Pittsburgh, ABD University of Pittsburgh. Research Interests: Social Movements with an emphasis on women's role in resistance movements and grassroots organizing and creative and alternative models of resistance; Border Studies; Feminist Theory/Feminisms, Urban Sociology, Political Sociology. Professional Activities: Adjunct Professor of Sociology and Women Studies at San Francisco State University and Skyline College, Faculty advisor for Feminist Majority Foundation on- campus group at SF State University beginning Fall semester 2007

Nishimura, Arthur Full-Time Instructor in Sociology and Asian Studies, A.B., University of California, Berkeley; M.A., Ph.D., University of Washington. Courses Taught: SOC 1, 2, 3, 35, ASIA 30