Anthropology:  World Cultures, Diversity, and the Human Experience

Welcome to Anthropology!  Anthropology is the holistic study of humankind in all times and places.  Through scientific and humanistic orientations, anthropology’s scope of focus spans all of human existence.  Studying anthropology enables students to better understand and appreciate human diversity in all forms and gain insight into local and global issues, which are both essential skills for today’s job market.

The Anthropology Department at City College of San Francisco is committed to offering the highest quality instruction in all four sub-disciplines:  Cultural Anthropology, Biological Anthropology, Linguistic Anthropology, and Archaeology. Through welcoming, accepting, and engaging learning environments, we prepare our students for a variety of professions involving cross-cultural relationships, language and communication, human artifacts, and the evolution of the human body. We support life-long learning and the quest to better understand different cultures as well as ourselves.  Our faculty’s vision is to meet the needs of all our students, provide them with an informed understanding of both human universals and differences, and equip them to become contributing members of their diverse communities.

Anthropology Course Schedule

Anthropology Faculty

Amato, Jessica Adjunct Instructor, Classes Taught:  Cultural Anthropology. B.A. (summa cum laude), The University of Florida and MA, PhD, Michigan State University. Research interests: Latin American and Caribbean studies, island economies, political ecology of water conservation; anthropology of tourism and tourists; transnational social movements and political advocacy groups, NGOs and the role of the State, medical anthropology (specifically medical tourism and trafficking), gender, sexuality, and global tourism.

Caldararo, Niccolo Adjunct Instructor ANTH 1 Biological Anthropology.

Cox, Natalie Elizabeth Full-Time Instructor, Courses Taught:  ANTH 1 Biological Anthropology, ANTH 3 Cultural Anthropology, ANTH 8 Witchcraft, Magic, and Religion. PhD. California Intstitute of Integral Studies.

Ives, Sarah Adjunct Instructor ANTH 25 Culture, Gender, and Sexuality. Phd Stanford University, MA University of Washington, BA Dartmouth College

Lass, Barbara Full-Time Instructor, BA, University of South Dakota MA and PhD., University of Minnesota. Research Interests: Archaeology, Hawaii and Pacific Islands.  Professional Activities: Archaeological fieldwork in Midwest and Hawaii, publications and conference papers 

Pevey, Matthew Adjunct Instructor ANTH 1 Biological Anthropology, ANTH 3 Cultural Anthropology, ANTH 4 Linguistic Anthropology, ANTH 20 LGBT Anthropology.  BA Mississippi College, MA Anthropology California State University, East Bay, MA Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages, San Francisco State University. 

Torres, Edgar Full-Time Instructor and Department Chair in Latin American and Latino/a American Studies, Courses Taught ANTH 11 Latin American Cultures and Societies. A.A., City College of San Francisco, A.B., M.A., C.P.I.L., University of California, Berkeley